Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oh girlies! So sorry I haven't posted my Ohio pics sooner. I have been fighting a cold I think I caught on the plane! It's so annoying, I have to have a tissue [for my issue!] on me at all times. Grrrr!!

Anyhoo Cincinnati was so fun and relaxing! My best friend goes to Xavier, and it was her 22nd birthday on Saturday! After arriving on Friday morning in Dayton, we drove to Hyde Park in Cincinnati, and had lunch at Arthur's. It was really cute!! We sat on the patio out back which was absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous weather, and gorgeous company!

After lunch we went over to Ault Park and walked around. People were setting up tents for a wedding which was kind of exciting! I took a ton of pics of the flowers, but these little guys kind of reminded me of Halloween. 

Later in the day after unpacking and lounging for a bit, the three of us headed over to Kroger and picked up some ingredients for our red velvet cupcakes!! We spent Friday night eating sushi, making cupcakes and hanging out with friends. Quite relaxing!

While we were in town I was sure to make a stop at The Pink Box! I loved it last year when I visited. They have really cute preppy and trendy items! The store is adorable and certainly is a place to visit when in Cincinnati.
On Saturday night we went to the Hofbrauhaus House! It was cool because my parents just got back from the ACTUAL Hofbrauhaus House in Munich! Even though it was Ohio, they def. tried to recreate the orig. This is the birthday girl, Marjorie. Normally we aren't big beer drinkers but we would have been kicked out of the place if we had ordered wine!! Haha!
Bridget (left), Monica and me. Bridget is one of my best friends from high school and she is who I was traveling with! Monica is one of Marj's friends... and we love her! 
On Monday we went to another famous park in Cincinnati. I forget the name but I took a picture of this guy...he looked so peaceful! Plus, I have a special place in my heart for geese. (Last semester I wrote a 16 page research paper on them! And sadly, it was by choice.)
Cozying up with the fisherman statue....!
Three little blondes all in a row! Marj told us we needed to try Skyline Chili before we left. To be honest--Brig and  I were disappointed. We both had coneys that were covered in wayyy too much cheese, and the chili tasted like cinnamon (not in a good way!) It was fun to say we tried it though. And again, with my beautiful ladies!
All and all, quite a successful trip! I miss them already! Can't wait to see these loves at Thanksgiving!! :) :)

Hope these pics find you happy and well on this Wednesday afternoon!!



Amy said...

I LOVE your name! I've always wanted a little girl named Charlie and you (and your sister) are so gorgeous!

Kate said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love your top in the last 2 photos. Where is it from?

Anonymous said...

OMG You are too cute!!! Now that I have a face with the name... Your name is so fitting!!! xo's to both of you

Ginette said...

Well, you definitely hit some of my favorite spots. I LOVE Arthur's. We are there quite a bit. The restaurant patio across from it is Teller's..another good one. You'll have to hit that one next time. We always hit Ault Park on weekends. I'm a Hyde Park gal. And yeah, Cincinnati chili is a bit different. Acquired taste with the Cinnamon

Hollie said...

okay ya'll are just way too cute. Wish we could hang out, you gals look like so much fun!

Mojito Maven said...

P.S. YOU ARE HOT!!!! Seriously, like magazine worthy and you have the perfect name...

ms. mindless said...

i hate skyline chili! it was the worst stuff i ever tasted. i guess you have to be from cincy to enjoy it. looks like you had a great trip!