Friday, October 10, 2008

home sweet home

This makes me feel so good....

and it's an extension of the glad game. You will see why. My husband and I moved into our house in August. And it was a lil' worse for the wear. Let's just say we were reeeeally helping the economy when we took this sweet little baby off the market. I do love it, I get to change everything and there's naturally a lot of projects to do still (for years to come I'm sure). But in a few weeks of being settled, we have at least the living room sorta settled and the kitchen too. So, how about a quick game of I'm so glad there's a before and after to show for it!!!

Living Room Before and after:

There was insane wall to wall carpet that was floral! And I guess that was a continuation on a theme because I ask you to note the light floral wall paper in both the living room AND the dining room. And what was even more dizzy-ing was that nothing matched.

and from another angle:

We have a new front door, and then replaced the entire 1st floor with hardwoods, actually bamboo! (yay for going green-ish) and we obvi stripped all the walls and repainted. Took the heinous ceiling fan down from the living room and the strangely ornate wall sconce too.

When we found the house my mom told me that I had to see the house had 'good bones'. And it's true. It does. Big rooms, fenced in back yard etc. We finally have a ton of room for a family eventually :) But you all know how it's hard to relax and sit still until it's COMPLETELY ready for company. I alternate with that feeling and being stuck and paralyzed and not unpacking and sorting any boxes for hours (or days) from being overwhelmed. So I go back and forth. Productive...paralyzed. Productive....paralyzed. I haven't really hung much up on the walls yet. I have all of our pictures and things just leaning against where I may want to hang them but just can't take the leap yet. As if filling an errant nail whole would even register on my list of to-do's. But it's all happening in time. And I will probs never stop posting lots and lots and lots of pictures. Just to document the progress.

I think when you see me blogging...that's me being paralyzed. Or productive.

Friday night. Bring on the glass of wine.



Clara Belle said...

Oh its awesome! WHat a good job you did! The hardwood is amazing, since In most cases wall to wall carpet is outdated. I love all the leather.. Timeless!! When I look at houses I always wonder what People are thing with the patterns and rugs and stuff, it stinks for them because I bet all that "stuff" made the house a bit less expensive huh? Bad news for them, good news for you! Hooray for people with bad taste, my summer house was purchased from one of those we got it for a steal:-)!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i love it! it looks so great!!!

Carolyn said...

Looks gorgeous!