Wednesday, December 17, 2008

laughter is good for the soul

I love to pass on shows and movies that I find hilarious. And I want you all to feel free to send me in the funny, slapstick comedy direction too.

I put a high, high premium on television that can
actually make you laugh SO hard that you cry...

Have you all tuned into Summer Heights High? It's on HBO...that's pretty much all I know at this point. Could be made in Australia? Hmm...not pos on that one.

Funny, funny, funny.

Was writing Christmas cards while watching but now and stuck on this show!!!

Anyhow, I am trying to finish up the Christmas Gift List before the weekend! Yipppee!!! Always have more people on the list than I thought when I first set out to shop...but I am doing fine as we round the corner into the h o m e s t r e t c h---- 7 shopping days left. Oh yeah.

Command decision: I am going to make the Gingerbread House with my brother's kiddies when we go to Ft Bragg. I haven't told them yet but I KNOW it'll be more fun with the kids!! And I will get pics then---

Let the good times roll!

xoxo, Lulu

Monday, December 15, 2008

excuses, excuses

Been busy!! To say the least. I know all of the other fabulous bloggers in blogger-land are busy too so I am here today to sheepishly announce that MY busy-ness trumps everyone elses.

SIKE. Not true at all.

But I DO love the running around during the holiday season---the cold weather, the excuse to bake, the celebration of the nativity and my beautiful Christmas Tree!!! Has anyone seen Bill O'Reilly sells bumper stickers that say "We Say Merry Christmas"--LOVE them!! I am out "Merry Christmas-ing" anyone and the true holy spirit of the season....sticking it to those PC types;)

So, on the agenda (at least for me) is Gingerbread House making...and I KNOW that Charlie is always up for a good project like this:

It's been too long since I've dabbled in the candy/cookie home construction biz so it's a top priority this month...I mean, these are the type of skills I need to work on BEFORE I have kids, no? That way, once they are born and are running around--I am already an all-powerful supermom who is capable of everything. The way I see it is that every year that goes by that I skip these essential traditions, I get rustier and rustier----and I don't want to be inept at ANY mom tasks when the time comes. Ha!

On a very lovely man, Mr. Lulu was a total sweetheart and gave NO resistance to my holiday travel plans this year

(quick shout out to Love Actually--
one of the best holiday movies of all time)

---so we're heading south to North Carolina...Ft. Bragg to be exact to see my big brother and his family for Christmas! Yippee!!! The past TWO Christmas', he was in Iraq--so we're thrilled to have him here and he and his lovely wife have three kids so that'll be fun. Do any of ya'll have issues with where to spend Christmas---with his family or yours? least fav part of the whole season is this debate. So cliche....but so very very true.

10 days and that's 9 full shopping days. Enjoy, sweet people!! See you out there!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

making a dollar stretch...sorta

soooo...I was per usual hunting down a good deal and ran into a Dollar Tree. OK, true confession, I had never been in a Dollar Tree before today. There are a zillion "dollar stores" around here and they're mostly weird, low quality stuff that I haven't needed or wanted in about 10 years. You know what I mean....stuff that all seems hazard-y.

Anywho, I came across a "Dollar Tree", which I had up until today, thought that it was just another generic expression of the aforementioned discount having a soda vs having a Coke. Or like going to the gas station could mean Exxon, Shell, Mobil. I dunno, does that even make sense?

So, there I am...not particularly needing anything but wandering the aisles for the better part of an hour. It was ENORMOUS. Aisle after aisle of holiday decor, ornaments, wrapping paper, cards, party supplies, stationary, scrap booking items, home goods, grocery, seemed endless!!! I went in circles, ran into my friend Ashley and had a solid 20 minute conversation, went out to my car and came back in...I really milked it. Totally made the most of it and spent....


Can you stand it? That means, yes my friends, I purchased 86 items. I scoff in the face of the recession!!

Here was the low down:

Organization baby.

I have a fantasy about the ultimate closet and the first step is organizing the shoe collection.

So 50 of these will run up the Dollar Store tab pretty quickly. However I am pretty excited. There's another store, I'm sure we've allllll been to, that sells exclusively containers...and these boxes are $ yes, saving half to get my little project done is a good thing!

These are also at the Dollar Tree. Clear little bins, they have lots of colors, to organize your desk space or where ever you do craft projects in your home! And yup, they are $5-10 at another store...which frankly seems frivolous to spend a lot on tiny little containers to separate my
large post-it notes from my small personalized post-its, ya know?

And what was also mildly amusing, I walked thru the whole store having to confirm that each and every item was in fact, one dollar. I felt CONVINCED that I was picking out the few secret items that were actually $3 or $5 because they were the best finds. My m.o. is to fixate on the most expensive item in a store everywhere why wouldn't THIS be any different?

But no!! The kind ladies that worked there, smiled, nodded and answered for the thousandth time, yes, just a dollar. Everything's a dollar.

God bless the USA. (and all the places that manufactured my new purchases too)

Here's to a more organized closet--pictures are sure to follow as well!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

let the cookie making begin!!!

the way to a man's heart.....

the shortcut: These bad boys are just one of God's many gifts to wives who STRIVE to make their home a happy, sweet smelling place for husbands to return to after a long cold day out:) in 10 super fast minutes the house smells better than all the candles I have lit at once--and "homemade" cookies just seem so much more civilized than all the other processed crap I will typically eat all day long. No joke. Don't you all agree?

boy oh boy I love working from home

and taking allllll day to come up with this neat recipe for the world's best cookies!!

ps. I am going to the gym tomorrrow. there. I said it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

a pink cyber monday!!!

I have a Cyber Monday SALE running for my 'inner circle clients' but also wanted to share this with you all. Feel free to pass this on!

All products in the TimeWise line are 40% off and everything else is 30% off. HUGE and it's just for today! Oh, and every fragrance, including the 4 newest and Men's are Buy one, get one FREE. Love it. THINK GIFTS!!!
(all discounts will be calculated and taken off your shopping cart total, write CYBER MONDAY in the comments section!!) Shipping is complimentary.

The All Things Glamorous Set is the most simple way to go from "office to evening" in a snap...and the Canary Diamond Gold Mineral Shimmer Powder is
SO flattering on everyone!
Yay for looking young and fresh forever!!!

Treat yourself to something fabulous...
a little everyday indulgence is what makes a glamorous life!

What is really exciting is that 10% of everything today will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. They do SO much for our soldiers and I am thrilled to be able to donate to such a beautiful organization. It's my way to have Pink Changing Lives:) Thanks for your support!