Monday, February 14, 2011

Babies and Hearts! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Oh my gosh you guys...having a baby is superrrrr time consuming! I know I'm probably stating the obvious, but I never really knew that until lil' Felicity came along.

I've been wanting to post for so long, but in the downtime moments I have I'm either trying to make our house look legit, or the sweet sweet voices of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have sucked me in, and I'm zoning out in front of reality TV. (Super healthy, I know.) However, I have gotten my act together enough to keep notes on a couple of funny/weird things that have happened.  But first an update on Felicity...

DUDE. She is THE BEST. I am seriously obsessed with her. She will be 3 months old tomorrow. It sort of makes me feel physically ILL how much I am in love with her. I want to eat her face for breakfast. (Too far??) All she does is laugh and smile and put her fist in her mouth. It's great. Likes: pink, ruffles, Homegoods, pooping at really inopportune times, silly voices, having the song "dynamite" sang to her (I attribute this to the fact I sang this one too many times while pregnant). Dislikes: Lady Gaga arriving to the Grammys in a giant egg, the lesbian comb over we give her after baths, hiccups. We have the eerily similar same likes and dislikes. Weird.
Lesbian with a comb over. 
Joel and I are starting to get into a rhythm with the baby now. We both have our specific jobs, and really put the "TEAM" in TEAMWORK. Read: high-fives, chest bumps, motivational speeches; "Go get that nasty diaper, babe!! You own the diaper, the diaper does not own you!! You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take!!!" You know, things of that nature. I usually do dirty diapers, while Joel is the one to make the bottle and prepare Felicity for feeding time. But the other day we were rushing to get ready for church and I needed to put make up on so I asked Joel to change Felicity's poopy diaper. And this was his legit reaction, "But I JUST put my shirt on!" Ummm...I'm not sure what tumultuous activities take place when you change diapers Joel, but when I get in there it's a wham-bam-athank-you-ma'am process. He really feels strongly that changing a diaper requires a full strip down of clothing because "you just never know". He is either super dramatic, or SUPER SMART because he really puts on a show before a dirty diaper which is why I end up changing 90% of them. Joel= sly dog.

Felicity is an amazing tool for passive aggressiveness between us too. (That is such a sad sentence to write.) We have gotten into the habit of saying how we REALLY feel under the veil of baby voices. It goes something like this:

Me: Hi Fliss! Hi baby!! You're a happy baby aren't you!? Aren't you!!
Felicity: Coo Coo, Caaa Caaa!
Me: Felicity you are so cute!! You tell Daddy that if he doesn't hang the curtains tonight he is going to be moving to Beat Down City, population: 1!! Oh yes he is!! Yes he issss little one!!
Joel: (Staring me down)
Felicity: Coo Coo, Caaa!

Woopsies! Now Joel has caught on and he does it too:

Joel: Hi baby! Hiii my little love muffin!!
Felicity: Goo Goo Gagaaaa!
Joel: Oh Felicity I love you so much! I love you a lot!! Oh little one, wasn't Mommy acting crazy last night?! She was acting soooo crazy with her Riesling so I couldn't tell her I didn't like the chicken she made! So crazyyy, little girl!!
Me: (Weeping silently)
Felicity: Coo Gaaaaa!!

Pretty awesome. And by "awesome" I obvi mean deadly. Effective but deadly.

In all seriousness having the baby here now is just a J.O.Y...JOY! She is the and I want to be more like her. She is easy going, well-natured, and takes pooping her pants in stride. All things I aspire toward. I hope I can blog more then once a month as time goes on. I keep telling myself that once she can occupy her time with toys, it will be easier to blog? Who knows. Until then I'll keep providing quick stories that will help in building my "babies first year diary."

Cue brag roll of pics:


On a mushy note, Joel and I are celebrating our one year anniversary today, and our little girl is the best anniversary gift we could have gotten!!! I just want to give a quick shout out to Joel...Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day to my handsome, hard-working, funny, kind, perpetually light hearted husband! I think my feelings can best be summarized in an excerpt from the ever talented Salt N Pepa's hit "Whatta Man":

I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect due 
to the man that's made a difference in my world
And although most men are hoes he flows on the down low....

I know that ain't nobody perfect, I give props to those who deserve it
And believe me ya'll he's worth it
So here's to the future cuz we made it through the past
I finally found somebody who can make me laugh
You so crazy
I think I want to have yo baby

....pure poetry. I love you!



P.S. United With Love has featured our wedding on their site today! Check it out :)