Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

my husband!!!

Hey all. It's Lulu here. Today's my man's birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world!

Ummm...does my incredibly handsome husband look like he is on a postcard advertising how amazing Afghanistan can be? Yes. This man is really up for Best Husband of the Year. If he had a blog...he's get that award. Daily. Not only does he take great care of me and has infinite patience...he makes it all look so easy. He cares about BIG PICTURE things and serving our country is so important to him. The picture is from last year's deployment and God is good--he's home safe now!! I could not be more proud...and yup, he is exceptionally hot in his uniform!

I love him SO much that I went to Home Depot alone and bought him a DeWalt circular saw for his birthday. Oh yeah. That was huge.

Naturally, there will be a Halloween themed birthday cake tonight. This will be his 32nd cake decorated like a pumpkin I think!! More pics will surely follow.



Monday, October 27, 2008

Who are you? And what have you done with little Jenny Humphrey?

Remember this??? Remember these days!? When LJH (I love a good name abrevation) was just vying for one of the coveted spots on The Steps? Frolicking around sweating Serena, and annoying Blair? Those were the days. 
Move over Jenny 1.0...

So she has always had a little bit of that teenage angst thing going on, but little Jenny really took a turn for the NO GOOD tonight. She was angry, bitchy, and all eyelinery with her bad self. Just when Rufus thought he had his little one back on track...she had to go find her inner beanie wearer, and flip the script.  [And honestly, I wanted to scream at Jenny's absolute refusal to acknowledge her eye makeup to lip gloss ratio was like 30:1. IT WAS KILLING ME. Gloss those bad boys up PUHHLEEAZZZEEE]
 Oh. Hey. Jenny 2.0.

Other thoughts:
-Nate. You need to stop before you even start. DON'T GO THERE. Dealing with Jenny will only capitalize on your already insaneo life.
-Serena. I reallllllly appreciate your motorcycle jacket over hot dress thing. Nice moves. Too bad artist/camper guy has that awkward 10th grader mustache, huh?
-Blair and Chuck. Way to be soooo Blair and Chuck this episode. You two keep me young. I liked Chuck getting all deep and existential at the end there. You both are super hot and I love everything you represent: inhumane acts toward each other, all in the name of keeping yourselves occupied. And no seriously, why is Chuck so appealing? I think its his creepy whisper voice...
-Dan. You are starting to get on my nerves. Stop acting shocked at your involvement in all these Upper East Siders lives. You are part of it now. Oh, and way to ALMOST ruin Blair and Chuck. Oh you and your littleness.
-Vanessa. I honestly think the GG writers are trying to make you the most annoying character in the history of all that is man. I'm BEGGING you to BEG them to write you some better, less whiny material. I do like the whole Urban Outfitters thing you do though. 

Obviously tonight's episode inspired the snark in me. I just feel like GG needs to LOCK IT UP!! These were my initial thoughts...what were yours?


Sunday, October 26, 2008

A bookworm, you say? Well, I'll take that as a compliment!

Elefantitas Alegres (Visit her blog, the girl is hilarious!! She provides many LOL moments for me. New revelation: I am going to start busting "LOL" in conversation a bit more. Gotta keep the body guessing...) tagged Lulu and I for the Bookworm Award. Holler!! 

The rules are:
Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The CLOSEST BOOK, not your most fav or most intellectual.
Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc. 
By Mary Kay Ash
"Simultaneously, he saw a television commercial for a clinic specializing in helping to quit the smoking habit. Because he loved me and cared about me, he enrolled in a program and five days later stopped cold!"

Lulu and I were super stoked to get this tag because we love a good book! Recently I even joined a book club. We are reading The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night which is at times sad, funny, and full of subtle life lessons. I like it :)

Anyway... we tag:

Have fun ladies! Hope you enjoy doing this as much as we did :) :)

Happy Sunday FUNDAY [insert cornyness here]!!!!!!


Ms. Mojito's giveaway!

In honor of her 100th post, Ms. Mojito is having a giveaway! Head over to her blog, and enter to win one of these charm wishing threads. So unique!
Eeep! The giveaway ends on October 30th at midnight!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

If you take ANY advice from us here at TOTS headquarters it should be the following:  We IMPLORE you to watch Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT. This show is awesome. Amazing. 30 minutes (who does 30 min shows anymore?!) to completely indulge and appreciate all that is professional cheerleading.

Does it make me feel like with enough yoga maybe I could even do their famous kick split thing? Yes. (SIKE! They are just really legit at marketing "the dream.") Does DCC make me want to die because I have an inability to work out with my hair down, unlike these gorgeous beings? UGH, yes. Does the show make me want RUN not walk, to the nearest tanning and nail salons? HECK YES. Inquire on the possibility of making the gym my personal residence? Totally. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders make me want to me a better woman.

Jordan C. (second in from the right) and I are BFF, she just doesn't know it yet.
Oh you know, just bustin' some moves...
The judges, Judy and Kelli. Their faces here are a perfect representation of their personalities. Judy says bitchy stuff with a sweet face, and Kelli says bitchy stuff....with a bitchy face. Kelli:"With your nails, and your hair....and your style of dance...if I didn't know any better I'd think you were....a stripper." Judy: "Mmmhmm. A stripper, yes." AHHHH I LOVE IT.

        [all photos courtesy of]

Saturday nights 9:30 pm. I've just given you the greatest bit of knowledge you'll ever receive, trust. 

pretty nice little Saturday

Soooo, just keeping it real, who doesn't love a rainy, shopping Saturday? In and out of the stores searching and hunting for a GREAT DEAL??

Enter exhibit A:

There is a small section in the back of the store much akin to HomeGoods. You know, where you can find "something for nothing that looks expensive". Just grab a cart and make a beeline for the back of the store without passing go and collecting $200 dollars. Ha. Seriously, try not to run people over as you move out smartly.

I search there for curtain rods and pillows and sheets and other various items. Today, Charlie and I had a few excellent finds!!

OK-the on the left is a fabulous Franklin Covey blue polka dot planner. Charlie has 12 organized months ahead of her and that spells smooth sailing. For $8.99, who wouldn't set goals and schedule success? Yippee!! You KNOW the planner in the Franklin Covey store would be $50-$100. Every time I ever went in there it was a cool $100 and I seem to switch planners every 120 days anyway.

On the right is a set of ipod speakers that run without batteries!! You just plug them into your ipod and they work--amazing. Plus, they're pink. Anddddddddd.....for $6.99, who would be without good music while showering? I mean, I ask you.

One one of the aisles, I saw a small black flask. Yes, a flask with rhinestones on it to make it extra special. I jokingly said to Charlie that she might need to grab it and she quickly responded that she "already had a flask." A pink glittery one. Duh.

Enter Exhibit B:

Of course. It's the ritual end to a shopping trip. So, we got the new
Starbucks Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate and it was amazing!!
Under no circumstances would it be appropriate to investigate how many calories are in this delicious delight, but suffice to say that it'll be ONE per season and I will look back on our time together fondly.

Finally, it is worth noting that Charlie and I spent the EXACT same amount of $ today at Ross. Charlie bought the two above items and I grabbed two curtain rods. We both spent $16.78 exactly and the items weren't all the same price--obvi. How weird is that?
Must mean good luck ;)

It was a pretty nice little Saturday


Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Candy

Has anyone around here also made the fateful error of buying their Halloween candy too early?

Just wondering.

I forgot how much I like Butterfingers!!
Anywho, remind me this time next year to get the candy no earlier than 4 hours prior to trick-o-treaters arrival. Which for the record--I LOVE answering the door, giving out name candy only, guessing the costumes and everything!! One week from tonight! Yippeee!!!!

Considering saving some candy for the kids,

news you can use

Ummm...a really nice way to start the morning is Fox News and I love Fox and Friends. BUT if you have the luxury of working from home (or have the tv on at work--an even bigger luxury!!!) then you simply must keep it tuned in to America's Newsroom that starts at 9am.

Is Bill Hemmer really the best reason to watch? Yes. Yes, is the answer. Major fan club over here. We need Charlie to marry him...he is a few years her senior...but hey, so what!

Let me give a shout out for Megyn Kelly too!! We want to be her. On most days. She is beautiful and brilliant. Plus, she's refreshingly light hearted.

That's all for now. 11 days till the election and counting!!


UPDATE: Bill Hemmer isn't on today!!! Booohisssss.... I think it's because he's traveling back from Iraq. Did you all see the amazing progress and good news he was reporting all this week?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yellow Fever

My Shop It To Me email came today, full of really super awesome deals! One of the items that caught my eye were these J.Crew lace-tie wellies. I've dragged my [wet] feet about getting rain boots. Sometimes I think people look really, really silly with them on. Unless you are doing the monochromatic look, they can totally over run/clash an outfit, particularly the ones with crazy designs. (One of the only exceptions are the Burberry wellies. Their signature print rain boots look cute even though they are kinda busy.) 

Anyway, I am one of those peeps who doesn't do much in the "prints" department, which is why these are perfect! "Bright lemon"(J.Crew's fancy name for 'yellow') is such a classic rain slicker color, and the wellies certainly follow suit. The best part is...they are on sale for $40! AND IN MY HUGE SIZE! Hip hip, hooray! [They also have them in Navy and bright Rhubarb]

p.s. Don't worry. I am totally aware of the fact I'm choosing a really bad time of year to want these, as we are not in a rainy season. I'll be blazin' a trail in my bright lemon wellies....thats how I roll, dawg.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Falling for fall

I seriously love fall. For the longest time winter has been my favorite season. I love cold weather! (crazy I know--I blame it on a slight sweating issue. It must run in the family haha...."getting to knowwwww you, getting to knowwww alll aboutttt youuuuu.") Winter is amazing, but in recent years I think I've crossed over to the fall-side! Fall weather is perfect...crisp, colorful, and provides many beautiful images. I feel like I have many more "ah-ha" moments in the fall, you know? I think more clearly, and have a better perspective on things around this time. The amazing mental snapshots that fall produces remind me that there is a lot going on in the universe. I should be appreciative for all of life's blessings. I honestly feel happier because of fall. Who knew that a few orange leaves could make me feel this way? :)

What season makes you feel happiest?


p.s. On a completely different non-touchyfeely note....that video thing my sister posted of the girl on the treadmill kills me! IT IS HILARIOUS. And honestly? My favorite part is the random girl who is running out of the frame because she knows some scary/unfortunate business is about to go down! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tag time

Ginette tagged me!

Now it's my turn to share.

Below are the rules.

1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is UP

And now my Random 6 list:
1- I wear my watch on my right wrist...despite being right handed. It's just a personal choice.

2- My purse weighs in at 15 lbs at least!!! There are so many essential items that I must have with me at all times that I can't discriminate, I have room in my bag (and heart) for all.

3- Right now I am at maximum capacity for listening to my voicemail. I loathe picking up messages. I really do get so many messages that I have a service called CallWave that transcribes and sends me my voicemail in a text message as they come in. Be jealous.

4- I love crap candy. That would be anything that's pure sugar and renamed something else i.e pixie sticks, fun dip, nerds, nerd ropes, etc etc.

5- My hands are almost always sweaty, no matter how cold it is. Not fun.

6- When opening any can of soda, I always tap on the lid three times. To theoretically prevent an explosion. Doesn't everyone always do this? My husband says no.

Now your turn...Tag you are it:

This was fun---thank you Ginette for tagging me!!! Now I am off to let these other girls know they're it!!


Nose in the books, but not for much longer!

Seriously? The last 24 hours have been a total sociological blur! I was in the library allllll day yesterday writing the 5 essays I have due today. Why 5? Because they are two midterms, one with 3 questions and one with 2 questions. Here is a secret confession.... sometimes I procrastinate like no other. I don't even know why I did that this time. It only kept me in the library  last night until 12 am. and then working on them until 5 am at my house! 

PHEW. Well I have one more to write still (ahhhhhh I know! I'm so bad...) so I will be done by 3 pm this afternoon. I. CAN'T. WAIT. 
Here are few things that have been helping me see light at the end of this essay tunnel:

1. The piping hottt new issues of People StyleWatch,and InStyle that arrived in my mailbox yesterday (the mailman is really delivering the goods lately). Nothing feels better the glossy pages of a magazine yet to be read!

2. Wear my Uggs. I busted them out last night and let me tell felt good. Nay, GREAT. Can't wait for cold weather! (Sidebar: apparently these Uggs make my already big feet [10] look even bigger. A lady came up to me last year in the mall and said, "Ohh I love your Uggs! You look like you have big feet like me, I'm glad they make them that size!!"....gee....thanks.....)

3. Watching the newest episodes of Gossip Girl and Greek. Preferably with Lulu. Although I understand why Greek doesn't appeal to her. Gossip Girl on the other hand, is quite a lovely indulgence. Lulu and I find ourselves saying things like, "I seriously love this show." "This show is my life," "I'd like to be S's hair please," "What did I do before this existed??" and "I die" [courtesy of Rachel Zoe], over and over again when we watch. 

4. Gingerbread lattes. Even though it just the beginning of the fall season, I am already gearing up for the GBL (Gingerbread Lattes in Barista terms--I worked at Starbucks in high school) season! GBLs really get me good. They fill you up, never let you down...and the smell reminds me of Christmas! And Christmas break...which means no research papers! Woop woop!

5. Sitting on my white couch. You know that place in your home that you feel the most supreme level of comfort? The place that you think God is using to show you what heaven would be like? That is the white couch. It is a love seat in my room that fits Elsie the cowcat, and myself perfectly. Two peas in a pod we are!! Centrally located for quick access to my desk, t.v., and computer. That is where I will be found tonight. With a few pumpkin candles lit, in a huge over sized sweatshirt, catching up on all your lovely posts :) 

Just thinking about it makes me calm...

YAY! four down, one to go....I'm in the home stretch!!!!!


two for tuesday

#1: Are these not the CUTEST Change of Address cards? They can be customized for your city or state background location (and style of home even!) at and they're pretty amazing!! Go to the website and play with it--you may actually want to move so you can order yourself a set. Remember goal in life: have a long Christmas Card list and likewise recieve ALOT of cards. haaaa...anyway, she is so creative and having completely unique stationary is obviously a must for anyone fabuloussssssss......

#2: I went to the gym this morning and came home and had kashi cereal!!! You KNOW what that means--I am BACK on my fitness kick. Watch out:)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

the postman never looked so good...

I won, I won! Before I had a blog, and was just a merely a fan of all you ladies and your blogs, I entered Pink Cupcake's giveaway totally on a whim! Low and behold--I won something! Color me a happy girl :) :)

Anyway the soo cute and fun Lilly magnet came in the mail the other day, and I took a pic for you! Clara from Pink Cupcake totally sent the cutest envelope and card. I happened to have cupcakes on hand (and pink too- goooo baking!! [yes, i just cheered on baking]), so I put one in the pic too. It is so fun to get things in the mail, especially when they are packaged so wonderfully like this.

Thank you Clara!!


p.s. I tried to take a pic of just the magnet but I couldn't get my crap camera to focus...sorry!

p.p.s. Lulu and I want to do a giveaway! Seasoned bloggers- what are some good giveaway ideas?

Another reason I love Sunday

One of the best things about Sundays
Part 1 of a continuing series:


I realllly look forward to this crazy show.

When my husband was in Afghanistan last year, I mailed him many, many, many DVDs to watch in almost every package I sent him. Always looking for classic movies, Mel Brooks movies or Bourne Identity type of genre---and my resources occasionally ran dry. Whose wouldn't? He was gone over a year!! Anywho-so, I was mailing him more and more random network shows, old movies, NFL highlights--it was a real mixed bag. BUT--I also randomly sent him the first two seasons of entourage and he was hooked. He came home with those DVDs and got me and Charlie hooked too. It's crude at times (hello, HBO) but it's still a cool show. Having no OTHER insight into what Hollywood might be like--I take this show as almost documentary style.

Plus it's just 26 minutes from start to finish. Perfect ending to the weekend!!


get into the halloween spirit!

monogram chick is putting on a spooky Halloween giveaway! go to her blog and enter to win one of these cute little items!!

all three designs include the personalized name on the other side. good for you, your fam's name, or one of the kiddies.

yay!!! go enter right this instant...everyone loves a good free item!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

two thumbs up!!!!

Lulu Review:

I am giving Fireproof 2 thumbs up!! Mr.Lulu and I saw it last night--went to it FULLY expecting to like it after hearing good things from a lot of you all--and I wasn't disappointed.

Amazing...a 'pro-marriage' movie hits the big screen!! As if that wasn't reason enough to treat yourself...I know there are some 'Mike Seaver' fans out there...and Kirk Cameron gave a wonderful performance! In a nutshell, Kirk Cameron plays a firefighter that saves anonymous people all day long but was doing nothing to take care of his relationship with his wife or the marriage. He's challenged by his dad to take a 40 Day Love Dare and see if he can love his wife despite her skepticism of him...and you have to see it to find out what happens!! Very powerful story.

If you get a chance, go see this movie. Did you happen to see Facing the Giants? It was made by the same group...and I would love to see the reviewers in Hollywood BLOWN AWAY by the positive response to such a Christian movie!!!

Happy Saturday all!!!

preppy little giveaway!

Go over to preppy little dress, and enter her g-i-v-e-a-w-a-y!! Just comment under the post, and you could win this lovely preppy surprise!

C'mon! Everyone likes surprises!! :) :)


Friday, October 17, 2008

You know your pet wears the pants when...

you find you're eating your coveted bowl of Cap'n Crunch faster, because a certain furry someone has snuck up on you, just sitting....staring....[impatiently] waiting to get what you have. Tonight I had all that is sacred to a cat...milk. The good stuff. GAME. OVER

Is it possible to be bullied by your pet? Tonight I was shoved in a locker AND had my lunch money stolen, by a cat that looks like a cow.

             Don't let her cute factor fool you. She will cut you.
She may have won the battle, but she will not win the war.

Has this ever happened to you??

Hotdog, We Did It!!!

OK, it has been a really tumultuous time here at ATOTS headquarters. (That's the acronym for our site. It has the word "tots" in it, which means I love it because I will always automatically think of tater tots, one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. I digress...) As I was saying Lulu and I have been going back and forth, trying to decide between layouts and colors for hours!!! We have found common ground in the zebra print with pink accents. We didn't want to get rid of the sister picture, we feel so close to that was on the original layout!  And those girls are too cute :)

Anyway, what do you all think? We are up for other suggestions, or websites that have fun layouts!! In the mean time we will be keeping the zebra up.

Why the pic of a hot dog you ask? That is what Lulu and I are going to get RIGHT NOW as a reward to ourselves! Yes, we are total weirdos to want a hot dog reward...but at least we are weirdos together, right? Heh, heh....right??

Honestly, it's all about treating yourselves well! I know you all worked hard this week...reward yourself with alittle something!!


trading spaces

Charlie and I are redecorating the blog. It's an identity crisis of sorts...she likes very very clean lines, shapes and simple colors...I like toss pillows and accessories and being matchy-matchy. We are under construction this afternoon. if you are a frequent visitor--you may get a little dizzy.


UPDATE: Charlie says she likes accessories and toss pillows too. And she does. BUT I like fussy, borderline-'tried to hard', coordinating items and she likes matching things in simple patterns.


Hello hello!! It's FRIDAY! And even though I am doing "work" thru the weekend-- it still feeeeeels soooo good :)

Boring update: I actually have been inspired by all you blogettes who post so much info about your household budgets. So, thank you. Anyhow, I think I'm sitting down and reworking that today. Good timing, right? In light of the recession. However, I am grateful that cosmetics is ever-booming and business is really good right now!!

OK- on to the serious good news:

This is an real photo,
taken in my actual kitchen
of today's breakfast effort.

I made Cinnamon Rolls this morning. Happy day. Charlie is here. My husband picked them up at the market yesterday and they aren't the Reduced Fat version ;) Last time I bought Cinnamon Rolls he told me at the register that he didn't like Orange flavored cinnamon rolls that I had picked and so I told him to RUN back to that aisle and switch them out for the non-orange regular kind. So he did. He ran to the aisle and came back with Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls.

Well, you can imagine what my reaction was...

Lulu: "Ummmm.....excuse me. Is THIS a hint?"

Mr.Lulu: "NO, NO? NO! NO Noooooo, save meeeeeeeeee"

It was a dramatic 15 second scene right there in the store. And actually, he is too smart for that kind of rookie mistake. In his defense, the Regular Cinnamon Rolls were out of stock. And then he DID run back and buy the Orange ones too. Just to prove a point. Love, love, love him.

You know--it's the little things.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bold As Love

This post is dedicated to my married and taken blogettes!

Right now I am sitting in my Informal Economy sociology class. It is so super boring and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to say hello, and post alittle something :) :)
Recently I was going through my bookmarked pages, and I ran across a lovely website called Boldloft (Get it? I "bolded" Bold? Oh my creative prowess gets me every time. HA!) This site specializes in unique and adorable gifts for couples. Actually adorable is an understatement...more like SO FREAKING ADORABLE I WANT TO EAT THEM!!!! Woah. Too much?

Here are a few of my favorites:

     you are irresistible
shower me with your love
catch my heart

This series is called "boy meets girl 2", but they have equally as excellent items in their other sets like "love element" and "human touch"!! Anyway check out all the cute designs...if nothing else they should make you smile.

:) :) :)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

awards season!!

Well well well...what a nice surprise to come home from my trip and see that Hollie at All Things in Moddy had awarded my sissy and I with "I love your blog"! It's so sweet of her, and clearly we are obsessed because we gave her the BFF blog award! She is so lovely and tan and cute!! Haha :)

I'm speaking for the team by saying we'd like to pass this one on to Make Mine a Mojito! I'm sure she has gotten this award like 9483094x (she is very award worthy). I love her honesty and humor! Check her out!!

Thanks again to Hollie, these really make Lulu and I feel special :)


Oh girlies! So sorry I haven't posted my Ohio pics sooner. I have been fighting a cold I think I caught on the plane! It's so annoying, I have to have a tissue [for my issue!] on me at all times. Grrrr!!

Anyhoo Cincinnati was so fun and relaxing! My best friend goes to Xavier, and it was her 22nd birthday on Saturday! After arriving on Friday morning in Dayton, we drove to Hyde Park in Cincinnati, and had lunch at Arthur's. It was really cute!! We sat on the patio out back which was absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous weather, and gorgeous company!

After lunch we went over to Ault Park and walked around. People were setting up tents for a wedding which was kind of exciting! I took a ton of pics of the flowers, but these little guys kind of reminded me of Halloween. 

Later in the day after unpacking and lounging for a bit, the three of us headed over to Kroger and picked up some ingredients for our red velvet cupcakes!! We spent Friday night eating sushi, making cupcakes and hanging out with friends. Quite relaxing!

While we were in town I was sure to make a stop at The Pink Box! I loved it last year when I visited. They have really cute preppy and trendy items! The store is adorable and certainly is a place to visit when in Cincinnati.
On Saturday night we went to the Hofbrauhaus House! It was cool because my parents just got back from the ACTUAL Hofbrauhaus House in Munich! Even though it was Ohio, they def. tried to recreate the orig. This is the birthday girl, Marjorie. Normally we aren't big beer drinkers but we would have been kicked out of the place if we had ordered wine!! Haha!
Bridget (left), Monica and me. Bridget is one of my best friends from high school and she is who I was traveling with! Monica is one of Marj's friends... and we love her! 
On Monday we went to another famous park in Cincinnati. I forget the name but I took a picture of this guy...he looked so peaceful! Plus, I have a special place in my heart for geese. (Last semester I wrote a 16 page research paper on them! And sadly, it was by choice.)
Cozying up with the fisherman statue....!
Three little blondes all in a row! Marj told us we needed to try Skyline Chili before we left. To be honest--Brig and  I were disappointed. We both had coneys that were covered in wayyy too much cheese, and the chili tasted like cinnamon (not in a good way!) It was fun to say we tried it though. And again, with my beautiful ladies!
All and all, quite a successful trip! I miss them already! Can't wait to see these loves at Thanksgiving!! :) :)

Hope these pics find you happy and well on this Wednesday afternoon!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nina's giveaway spectacular

Go to Nina's blog and enter her first giveaway!! 

And look at the cute little items you can win!!!!!

Trust us, you won't be disappointed :) :)