Sunday, October 12, 2008

eyelid twitch

happy Sunday all! It would be an altogether perfect day if only

arrrggggghhhh....the eyelid twitch has to stop!! It's been about.......2 months and I've had an insufferable case of intermittent right eyelid twitch. Dr. Google says the 3 primary causes are lack of sleep, too much caffeine and/or stress.

Hmmm....doesn't that apply to almost everyone?

So, I guess there is no obvious cause. Charlie is telling to me drink less coffee. That is an easy thing to control but then I get so sleepy and can't get going, which makes me stressed and it's a vicious cycle.

Anywho, on to the better news. I found a neat bottle of Riesling :)
That would be a cat--if you are trying to tell what kind of picture I posted... Pink Cat Riesling!! And it's so appropriate this month---absolutely anything I can buy that will send money to Breast Cancer Research--I gladly make the switch. Didn't take much for me to leap over the counter at World Market to grab this wine, however. I am on a personal mission to discover the best tasting, sweetest Riesling out there.



annie said...

I am weird, because I love when my eyelid twiches.

Life at the White House said...

hey there-

do you mind deleting that post above that has our names in it? i'm trying to keep my blog "private" without having to set it to private and this comes up when you google our names.

Thank you! Thank you! Sorry to be a pest!!!