Wednesday, October 8, 2008

daily candy= daily necessity

One of my favorite online resources is Daily Candy!! I'm sure many of you are familiar with this handy e-newsletter...but just in case, here is some info!

From their website (their explanation is better than mine!):

"DailyCandy, a free daily e-mail newsletter and website, is the insider's guide to what's hot, new, and undiscovered- from fashion and style to gadgets and travel. As useful as it is entertaining, it's like getting an e-mail from your clever, unpredictable, and totally in-the-know best friend. The one who knows about secret beauty treatments, must-have jeans, hot new resturants- and always shares the scoop."

Take it from me--they aren't kidding when they say "entertaining." DailyCandy must employ only the best in their advertisers and writers....these ladies are hilarious, and so creative. 

They have a newsletter sent weekly that's called DailyCandy: Everywhere, and another that comes on a daily basis to those in and surrounding the 13 major cities featured. For the moms out there DailyCandy features a weekly email called Kids Everywhere for "busy and hip parents!" Any travel junkies in the blogosphere? They have you covered with their Wednesday DailyCandy Travel newsletter. Last but certainly not least (aka MY FAVORITE) is the DailyCandy Deals e-mail which features weekly discounts and promotions!

As you can see I really love them, and you will too!! Nothing feels better than being "in the know"!!!



preppy little dress said...

what a cute blog! i love it, very refreshing!!!

Call the Preppies In said...

I LUV Daily Candy. I find it to be helpful when I travel bc I can just type in the city and it brings up all things to do, see, eat, sales..all kinds of fun stuff. Plus the boutiques they suggest are ususlly great! :)