Tuesday, October 7, 2008

world wide web....here we come!!!!

We feel as though we've reached the end of the internet. Now, in the spirit of giving back--we're adding to it!!!! We had been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for a while; finally the moment has come :)

We plan on using the blog to talk about all things fabulous! But before we begin (eek! The nerves!) posting away, we thought you should know a little about us!

Charlie: I am a 22 year-old Senior in college. I find myself in the car 24/7 because I don't live on campus this year--thank goodness I have a comfy, safe SUV. Yay! Likes: candles, Starbucks, Glamour magazine, CSI, manicures, #5 8 packs at Chick-fil-a, ballet flats (I'm 5'10"!!), telling jokes, and my cute cowcat ELSIE! Dislikes: people who don't wave when you let them in, hangnails.

Lulu: I'm the big 3-0 as of a few months ago. Married to my very own Army Ranger, living the good life in the suburbs of DC!! I left my nursing job and am now in sales and work in the very fabulous and fun cosmetic industry :) My goal as of late is on decorating my lovely house and learning to cook...beyond pasta and tacos. (seriously)

We are so so excited!!! This is sooo fun for us to do together...and we looking forward to sharing it with everyone!!!

Lulu & Charlie


Mojito Maven said...

Welcome to blog land!!!!! Love your blog!!!!

Kate said...

I love your blog already. I am the youngest of 3 girls so know how the sister thing works ;)

Charlie-I'm a little bit taller than you so bring on the ballet flats!