Saturday, October 25, 2008

pretty nice little Saturday

Soooo, just keeping it real, who doesn't love a rainy, shopping Saturday? In and out of the stores searching and hunting for a GREAT DEAL??

Enter exhibit A:

There is a small section in the back of the store much akin to HomeGoods. You know, where you can find "something for nothing that looks expensive". Just grab a cart and make a beeline for the back of the store without passing go and collecting $200 dollars. Ha. Seriously, try not to run people over as you move out smartly.

I search there for curtain rods and pillows and sheets and other various items. Today, Charlie and I had a few excellent finds!!

OK-the on the left is a fabulous Franklin Covey blue polka dot planner. Charlie has 12 organized months ahead of her and that spells smooth sailing. For $8.99, who wouldn't set goals and schedule success? Yippee!! You KNOW the planner in the Franklin Covey store would be $50-$100. Every time I ever went in there it was a cool $100 and I seem to switch planners every 120 days anyway.

On the right is a set of ipod speakers that run without batteries!! You just plug them into your ipod and they work--amazing. Plus, they're pink. Anddddddddd.....for $6.99, who would be without good music while showering? I mean, I ask you.

One one of the aisles, I saw a small black flask. Yes, a flask with rhinestones on it to make it extra special. I jokingly said to Charlie that she might need to grab it and she quickly responded that she "already had a flask." A pink glittery one. Duh.

Enter Exhibit B:

Of course. It's the ritual end to a shopping trip. So, we got the new
Starbucks Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate and it was amazing!!
Under no circumstances would it be appropriate to investigate how many calories are in this delicious delight, but suffice to say that it'll be ONE per season and I will look back on our time together fondly.

Finally, it is worth noting that Charlie and I spent the EXACT same amount of $ today at Ross. Charlie bought the two above items and I grabbed two curtain rods. We both spent $16.78 exactly and the items weren't all the same price--obvi. How weird is that?
Must mean good luck ;)

It was a pretty nice little Saturday



Kate said...

I love the planner! Great find :)

Anonymous said...

Great finds you two! Sorry I've been a bit MIA. Lots of love xo

SouthernBelle said...

Love the planner! I love Ross and TJ Maxx... Sometimes I even find good deals on things at Tuesday Morning!

AmberDenae said...

Scary. I definitely shopped at Ross today AND went to starbucks, except I had the pumpkin spice latte...yummmm!! We have SO much in common, it's scary!!

I LOVE Ross and TJ Maxx. I actually got two pair of sweet boots from Ross today...$14.99 for each!! :) i was excited!!

Great finds for you as well :)

Treasure Ann said...

I'm good on bargains. When you find it, then it's fine. I'm a planner junkie-so I have one for every room in my house. Different huh? It help me keep my day in order. Have a great weekend.

Jill said...

Love the day planner! I'll have to check out my local Ross for one. I'm so old fashioned~ I still love to write everything down in a planner.

Danielle said...

Great finds!

Liana said...

Those caramel signature hot chocolates are sooo good!! i have been on a kick lately (for some reason) to check calories once i get home---i hiiighly don't recommend it:) glad you had good luck on your trip!