Friday, January 16, 2009

who is going? begins this weekend!! I believe that the whistle stop tour kicks off in Philly? And then the DC traffic is supposed to be at a standstill....

My husband's office is a big part of the security for the whole deal and he has to stay at work from Sunday on. I guess through Wednesday...sleeping on cots! Because they can't count on being able to get in and out of the city etc, I had to go buy him food to eat at work for three days---fun fun. I got all these frozen dinners and crazy candy.

who plans on going to any inaugural festivities? Or watching it all from the comfort of your couch?


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello? Is it me you're looking for??

my oh my, 'tis been awhile since i have been on here! you know it's a bad sign, when you have to call up your co-blogger to remember your email password. i return to you with my head down, saddened by the fact it has been so long. don't think i wasn't thinking of you all the time...i was, i swear! lulu has made excellent attempts at keeping up with her blogging, and i'm sure she has gotten sick of saying, "last time i checked, it did not say 'a tale of ONE sister,'" to me. she has a point. 

see it all began around finals week dec '08. a few things happened....

1. all nighters were being pulled left and right to write about crazy things like the growing epidemic of malaria in zimbabwe, how people in kenya and mexico use the informal economy to combat their impoverishment, why pornography is ruining our male know, uplifting topics like that. (i never said i was having FUN without you!!) 

2. i met a man. and i loveeee him. case closed. i won't lie, i have been SWEPT off my feet (and subsequently away from my computer, tv [i'm 4 episodes behind on GG. now THAT is a travesty], and many of my guilty pleasures). seriously though,'s that feeling. the one you can't describe, because you'd sound like a rambling idiot so instead you go around saying, "i just have THAT feeling, you know???" well THAT is how i feel. pinch me. utterly and completely blessed. about a week ago i actually (i thought this only happened in movies) woke up in the middle of the night to make sure the completely perfect evening i had with him earlier wasn't just a dream. like i pathetically did that. and then told him the next day (WHO DOES THAT?!) and i'm telling you all now. no shame, charlie, no shame. 

3. and then i went on winter break for a month, and my best girlfriends came back into town. there was a lot of catching up, white wine, and laughter. during this time i also did a TINY bit of traveling, down to charlottesville for a blonde reunion and to north carolina for christmas.  it was soooo fun to be with them, and time flew by!!!!

anyway, the combo of these three things, particularly numbers 2 & 3, factored in majorly to my hiatus from TOTS HQ. right now i am in the process of writing a resume, applying for jobs, and starting my FINAL semester of college. i will try my best best best to blog with frequency!!! i have really missed this place, and you all! thanks for barring with lulu and i as we wrapped up 2008! here's to some seriously fabulous blogging in '09!!

visiting grae and brig and UVA!
the man, the myth, the legend
mom and dad, christmas in north carolina!!
new years with my lovely friends!!
lulu and I with mom :)

i'll close with a few CRITICAL things i've decided on in the past two months:

1. those "save the ta-tas" bumper stickers are just unnecessarily descriptive. of course i support breast cancer research, but 'ta-tas'? i mean really...that's just creating a slippery slope of synonyms that no one needs to be subjected to. 
2. gretchen has picked the LEAST hottest housewife's son to hook-up with. ryan? ryan??? not shane?? hell, that annoying michael would even sit better with me. ryan always looks like he smells something bad.
3. gingerSNAP lattes from starbucks have ruined my spirit. they just aren't as good as gingerBREAD lattes. don't get me wrong, i rose above it and continued to drink copious amounts, but it was tough. plus ordering a gingersnap always makes me feel awkward.
4. downloading stevie wonder's cover of "we can work it out" WILL change your life. you can thank lulu when you do. 
5. everyone should get into the show "dexter" on showtime. it has an amazing story line, and is completely addicting. its about a serial killer, who has trained himself to only kill other serial killers. a modern day vigilante? trust me it isn't AS morbid as it sounds. do i strike you as someone who likes dark things? lord, i hope not! 

anyway, i feel really good after writing this!! hope everyone had a great end to their 2008!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


after discovering a new blog today and laughing so so so so so hard...i felt the guilt creep in that i hadn't been anywhere near our blog...

new year's resolutions had been to

#1. follow a routine
#2. get more done
#3. repeat

stopping by here and getting the deep thoughts out on cyberpaper had frankly been left off the sweet list i follow

oy---my bust

this will change

to be continued

xoxo, lulu