Tuesday, January 13, 2009


after discovering a new blog today and laughing so so so so so hard...i felt the guilt creep in that i hadn't been anywhere near our blog...

new year's resolutions had been to

#1. follow a routine
#2. get more done
#3. repeat

stopping by here and getting the deep thoughts out on cyberpaper had frankly been left off the sweet list i follow

oy---my bust

this will change

to be continued

xoxo, lulu


Life at the White House said...

so glad y'all are back!! hope all is well.

i cheat - i schedule posts on the weekend for the coming week!

Milltini said...

ha! I hear ya....my resolutions look strikingly similar to yours.

Legallyblondemel said...

Your loyal subjects miss you! Looking forward to whenever you do return to blog world.

Treasure Ann said...

Hello girls, nice to see your back. Highly missed you. I've made good on some New Year's Resolutions, but can do better.

Welcome back, and Happy belated New Year.