Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nose in the books, but not for much longer!

Seriously? The last 24 hours have been a total sociological blur! I was in the library allllll day yesterday writing the 5 essays I have due today. Why 5? Because they are two midterms, one with 3 questions and one with 2 questions. Here is a secret confession.... sometimes I procrastinate like no other. I don't even know why I did that this time. It only kept me in the library  last night until 12 am. and then working on them until 5 am at my house! 

PHEW. Well I have one more to write still (ahhhhhh I know! I'm so bad...) so I will be done by 3 pm this afternoon. I. CAN'T. WAIT. 
Here are few things that have been helping me see light at the end of this essay tunnel:

1. The piping hottt new issues of People StyleWatch,and InStyle that arrived in my mailbox yesterday (the mailman is really delivering the goods lately). Nothing feels better the glossy pages of a magazine yet to be read!

2. Wear my Uggs. I busted them out last night and let me tell you...it felt good. Nay, GREAT. Can't wait for cold weather! (Sidebar: apparently these Uggs make my already big feet [10] look even bigger. A lady came up to me last year in the mall and said, "Ohh I love your Uggs! You look like you have big feet like me, I'm glad they make them that size!!"....gee....thanks.....)

3. Watching the newest episodes of Gossip Girl and Greek. Preferably with Lulu. Although I understand why Greek doesn't appeal to her. Gossip Girl on the other hand, is quite a lovely indulgence. Lulu and I find ourselves saying things like, "I seriously love this show." "This show is my life," "I'd like to be S's hair please," "What did I do before this existed??" and "I die" [courtesy of Rachel Zoe], over and over again when we watch. 

4. Gingerbread lattes. Even though it just the beginning of the fall season, I am already gearing up for the GBL (Gingerbread Lattes in Barista terms--I worked at Starbucks in high school) season! GBLs really get me good. They fill you up, never let you down...and the smell reminds me of Christmas! And Christmas break...which means no research papers! Woop woop!

5. Sitting on my white couch. You know that place in your home that you feel the most supreme level of comfort? The place that you think God is using to show you what heaven would be like? That is the white couch. It is a love seat in my room that fits Elsie the cowcat, and myself perfectly. Two peas in a pod we are!! Centrally located for quick access to my desk, t.v., and computer. That is where I will be found tonight. With a few pumpkin candles lit, in a huge over sized sweatshirt, catching up on all your lovely posts :) 

Just thinking about it makes me calm...

YAY! four down, one to go....I'm in the home stretch!!!!!



Kappa Prep said...

Oh I will admit I sometimes would wait until the last minute to write by six and seven page Greek Architecture papers. The worst part was I had one due every other Friday! How horrible is that? Ohh, and I am right there with on the love for GG! I am a total B!

Monogramchick said...

I totally hear ya, I can be such a procrastinator too...although it is when some of my best work is done.

Here's to hoping you finish it by 3today!

Danielle said...

Are you a sociology major? I majored in soc.

I always procrastinated when it came to exams, but for some reason, I finished my papers early. Writing is sort of my thing, and since there were SO many papers, I couldn't wait on all of them with the quarter system.

Nicole said...

Yay for you! Good luck on the last paper. I was a huge procrastinator in college. It never failed! There I would be, the night before the test, cramming as much into my little brain that I could get :)

Life at the White House said...

Makes me sick to think about writing LOOONNGGGG, boring papers again!

So glad that's over....will be for you too, soon enough. Then you'll look back and miss all of it (except the papers!). ;-)

Miss Monogram said...

Charlie! Thanks for the comment-your and lulu's blog is adorable :)