Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Warning: graphic pic below

Please comment on my husband's ardent insistence that fried bologna is a classic childhood meal. I can neither confirm nor I have never had it!!

However, I am in no way a food snob. Or any type of snob for that matter. Unless it pertains to burning the wicks of brand new candles before you place them out on your table. THEN I judge.

But anyway...bologna is now in my more balanced fridge. Along with butter! (these aren't related, or are they?) and so there shall be fried bologna in my midst soon enough.


ps-I am obvi on a health kick. (see Banana bread below)


Anonymous said...

Okay... this one is truly frightening.

But very funny!

Love the blog!

LyndsAU said...

Oh yes-I know all about fried bologna as I used to eat it as a child and my husband does every morning :)

Ginette said...

Yup..know it quite well. Fried bologna sandwiches are a great childhood memory.Sometimes it's doctored up with some melted cheese. Not bad.