Saturday, October 18, 2008

two thumbs up!!!!

Lulu Review:

I am giving Fireproof 2 thumbs up!! Mr.Lulu and I saw it last night--went to it FULLY expecting to like it after hearing good things from a lot of you all--and I wasn't disappointed.

Amazing...a 'pro-marriage' movie hits the big screen!! As if that wasn't reason enough to treat yourself...I know there are some 'Mike Seaver' fans out there...and Kirk Cameron gave a wonderful performance! In a nutshell, Kirk Cameron plays a firefighter that saves anonymous people all day long but was doing nothing to take care of his relationship with his wife or the marriage. He's challenged by his dad to take a 40 Day Love Dare and see if he can love his wife despite her skepticism of him...and you have to see it to find out what happens!! Very powerful story.

If you get a chance, go see this movie. Did you happen to see Facing the Giants? It was made by the same group...and I would love to see the reviewers in Hollywood BLOWN AWAY by the positive response to such a Christian movie!!!

Happy Saturday all!!!


Darling Dears. said...

cute layout :)

Cason and Darci said...

so glad to hear good reviews! we were supposed to see it this weekend but had to help a friend move.

i'm really excited about it - i watched the movie trailer online yesterday & just think it's awesome that a movie like this was made. i think there is a book or something about 40 days to fireproof your marriage...etc. i'm going to look into that. sounds like something fun and important to do with my hubby.

ps- thanks for dropping by on my blog!