Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is a Nixon Sleeve?

So it's been asked--exactly what does nixonsleeves refer our blog address.
It's alot of things.
A sleeve length specifically. (see photo)
A style.
A bond two sisters share.
A call to action amongst the tall women of the world.
You see, when you are 5'9 or taller...regular sleeve lengths just don't measure up. You are fine when you're standing still. So, a dressing room test run can slip by unnoticed if not careful. But the moment you reach for something...the nixon sleeve appears. Actions as simple and mundane as reaching for your gear shift or reaching to click on the mouse pad next to your computer can produce the nixon sleeve-look. Do you know what I mean by now?
It's a no-mans-land between the 3/4 length sleeve and just perfectly tailored. It's a cold wrist. It's too much skin!
So, it could be solved by taking things to be tailored and yes, I have done that. BUT occasionally the pendulum swings in the other direction and they will lower the sleeve length too long! Then you look like you borrowed the jacket from someone else. And it sorta feels straightjacket-ish. (do not know this from experience) and it's just plain awkward.
Until there's another reliable option, we have the fashionable albeit chilly length of the nixonsleeve. Good thing that all things presidential seem fashion-forward right now.
Raise your right hand and proudly show that nixonsleeve!! We know you're out there!!


LyndsAU said...

Awesome post :) And I am 5'9" so i know exactly what you mean :)

Muffy said...

I purposely seek out Nixonsleeve shirts! HAHA! Great post!


Kate said...

I can totally relate. Sometimes it can look ok but other times I think that people must think I shrink everything. Oh well!