Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello hello!! It's FRIDAY! And even though I am doing "work" thru the weekend-- it still feeeeeels soooo good :)

Boring update: I actually have been inspired by all you blogettes who post so much info about your household budgets. So, thank you. Anyhow, I think I'm sitting down and reworking that today. Good timing, right? In light of the recession. However, I am grateful that cosmetics is ever-booming and business is really good right now!!

OK- on to the serious good news:

This is an real photo,
taken in my actual kitchen
of today's breakfast effort.

I made Cinnamon Rolls this morning. Happy day. Charlie is here. My husband picked them up at the market yesterday and they aren't the Reduced Fat version ;) Last time I bought Cinnamon Rolls he told me at the register that he didn't like Orange flavored cinnamon rolls that I had picked and so I told him to RUN back to that aisle and switch them out for the non-orange regular kind. So he did. He ran to the aisle and came back with Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls.

Well, you can imagine what my reaction was...

Lulu: "Ummmm.....excuse me. Is THIS a hint?"

Mr.Lulu: "NO, NO? NO! NO Noooooo, save meeeeeeeeee"

It was a dramatic 15 second scene right there in the store. And actually, he is too smart for that kind of rookie mistake. In his defense, the Regular Cinnamon Rolls were out of stock. And then he DID run back and buy the Orange ones too. Just to prove a point. Love, love, love him.

You know--it's the little things.



LyndsAU said...

TGIF indeed :) Have a great weekend! :)

Amy said...

LOL, my husband gets "trapped" like that all of the time! In fact, my chiropractor asked me earlier this week if "I was still going to the gym" and I told my husband he could thank the guy later for telling me I'm gaining weight. He was like, Wait a is THAT my fault! HA!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i have a love/hate relationship with the orange flavored rolls, too. but the reduced fat aren't nearly as good as they need to be! :)