Friday, October 24, 2008

news you can use

Ummm...a really nice way to start the morning is Fox News and I love Fox and Friends. BUT if you have the luxury of working from home (or have the tv on at work--an even bigger luxury!!!) then you simply must keep it tuned in to America's Newsroom that starts at 9am.

Is Bill Hemmer really the best reason to watch? Yes. Yes, is the answer. Major fan club over here. We need Charlie to marry him...he is a few years her senior...but hey, so what!

Let me give a shout out for Megyn Kelly too!! We want to be her. On most days. She is beautiful and brilliant. Plus, she's refreshingly light hearted.

That's all for now. 11 days till the election and counting!!


UPDATE: Bill Hemmer isn't on today!!! Booohisssss.... I think it's because he's traveling back from Iraq. Did you all see the amazing progress and good news he was reporting all this week?


Mrs. Forever said...

I love Bill Hemmer..... dreamy! on TV! Conservative! What more does a girl need!

SouthernBelle said...

I don't really watch fox news too often, but he's a total hunk, and i love the tag you used for this -- "Potential husbands!" haha! Have a great Friday!

suburban prep said...

I love Fox News.
Ok one of my friends used to be a reporter on that cable station but now she is a SAHM.

Kristen said...

I too love Fox News! Have a great weekend!

AmberDenae said...

Oh my goodness, that is TOO weird that we posted about the same thing!!!

I am a little obsessed! haha

Wow, I really like you two more than I thought ;)

I love, love, love FoxNews!! My dream is to work there one day!

Great minds definitely do think alike! :)

Kate said...

I'm a GMA gal in the mornings!

+ TAG! You're it!

Kate said...

I don't watch Fox News but that guy is cute! And he isn't that much older ;)

Amy said...

MMMM, I haven't seen him before...but I think my husband might catch on if I suddenly start watching the news faithfully! HA!

Is the woman you mentioned married? They might have a little inner-office romance going on!

Ginette said...

You know Bill is originally from Cincinnati? He still comes here to visit family from time to time... He use to anchor at a station that I worked at for awhile. Small world...

Life at the White House said...

You make me laugh and I'm so glad that someone else says "I (we) want to be her." I say this every weeknight at 10:30 a.m. after watching Chelsea Handler on E's "Chelsea Lately".

I can't wait for Halloween either!!!!! Yeah!

Jill said...

If I watch the news, I always watch Fox. It's the best!