Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure Song of the Week

I was going to post a Wordless Wednesday about my love for ZGallerie but something more pressing has come to my attention, and I feel it's only fair to share it with you, the ATOTS readers.

Since I didn't seem to have an issue just coming out with my J.Biebs U Smile I Smile obsession last week,  I decided I'm going to start a new segment every Wednesday called Charlie's Guilty Pleasure Song Selections That Make Her Loved Ones Hang Their Head In Shame (working title). So without further ado I present to you this week's guilty pleasure...

Flo Rida-Club Can't Even Handle Me ft. David Guetta

Yes. I won't lie to you people, I LOVE this song. Why? Why NOT? Could it be the punchy beat? Catchy lyrics? ("You know I know how, to make 'em stop and stare as I zone out...The club can't even handle me right now...watchin' you I'm watchin' you we go all out...." Move over Shakespeare, Flo Rida is in town.) Who knows. All I know is whatever Flo is selling...I'm buying.

See, I sort of have a problem with liking rap/hip hop music. I mean it's not really a problem other then when I start to rap to songs, in the car for instance, and Joel looks at me with eyes that say, "If you don't stop immediately I'm going to pull the car over and make you walk home. Run and tell THAT!" I blame my many years of AAU basketball where perpetual wearing of sports bras, combined with my Allen Iverson bball shoes made for one GhEtTo FaBuLoUs little blonde girl. I'm seeing someone about it, OK? And his name is Doctor...Dre. ZING!!

(Ew, no. Neither one of those lovelies is me. How could you even think such a thing? Everyone knows my chest tattoo is on my left side, duh.)

But let me just settle one thing real quick. I am by no means a "clubber". I'm pretty sure the last CLUB I was at was The Old Firehouse circa 9th grade (shoutout to any NOVA people reading). But that doesn't stop me from being obsessed with this song and everything it represents! Was I JAMMING OUT to this song on the way home from work today? Yes. And was my yet-to-be-born-but-totally-with-the-program baby silently judging me in utero being like, "Really mom? Fist pumping?! Really? 'Beating up the beat'? Isn't that alittle 'Snooki' of you, ma?! I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." Well...yes. But I say pish posh little baby. This is just THE START of the many things I will do that will embarrass you through out your life. Welcome aboard.

So am I alone on this one? Help a sister out!



Beth said...

you are totally NOT alone. i love that song too and i'm with you on the rap/hip hop. i just did a post on how much i miss OutKast.

fist pumps galore!

elizabeth aka asian pear said...

omg. old firehouse aka the ever cool TEEN CENTER. seriously, i think i had to beg my dad to let me hang out there from 7-10p on fridays. we were all so cool.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I was reading your blog and listening to your guilty pleasure and Andrew asked me to put it on my Ipod! We like a lot of embarrassing music in our car. I really need to get a car with Sirius or XM so I can expose these two to better music. Andrew loves the Black Eyed Peas!


Molly said...


so here's the deal.
1. I'm a stalker of this blog...for realz. To stalk it, is to love it.

2. I always want to comment bc your posts make me smile and a little tingle of laughter surges inside me. The kind that makes you laugh inside your body, not outside. Today was the day.

3. I like to work out to justin beiber songs and mouth the words while I'm pumping out my reps. I pretend like the other 579 people at the gym don't see me pretend singing. Haters.

4. I miss your face and everything about it. I would love to come and visit and watch terrible(and by terrible I mean amazing) reality tv with you and lulu in the not so distant future.

Hug and baby kisses <3

Fabulously Awkward said...

LOVE with a capital "L." I have so many guilty pleasure songs, I always have to ride in the car with the windows up. Truth.

Leila said...
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Leila said...

Umm...this song single handedly got me through my 20 mile run the other weekend. I'm counting on it for the marathon. Totally feel you on this one Char!

Christina said...

Haha LOVE the song...LOVE the references to ... ME! So funny...we're the same person :P I reserve the fist-pumping and singing at the top of my lungs for when I'm by myself...usually on my way back and forth from school. I always wonder what would happen if one of my student's parents would see/hear me... :0

Anonymous said...

Sista--- I grew up in the city -- could double dutch and dance jive. But for embarrasment to Joel--- imagine how Andrew feels when momma car-jives down the Parkway-- Boom-shak-a-lak!


Al said...

Check out my blog, darlin, I gave you an award ;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have to be honest as well, GREAT SONG LADY!