Monday, October 18, 2010

high/low 10.18.10

High: We had a great little trip-ski to Williamsburg over Columbus Day Weekend! Charlie, Mama Nixonsleeve and I were away for a girls weekend for the holiday weekend and this was a brilliant idea that really should evolve into a tradition. Fun, fun, fun. We even ran into a old friend from my high school! Small world--shout out to the Oakies!!! Here are some pics to prove we were there..and not just at the outlets. Great news there, I got some CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!(for other people) Aren't I the best?  A few people are already done on my list. I never start so early so I feel sooo good about this. 

Anyhow, we saw a lot of interesting things in Williamsburg.
Note the authentic Indians that I snapped a picture of. My hands were trembling, it was the best I could do.


Too bad about the hairy elbow that couldn't/wouldn't get out of the way for the pic.

See??....remember The Last of the Mohicans...scary, right?

Low: I dropped my iPhone on the ground on the last day in Williamsburg and the screen shattered! Booooo....
High: Got a new iPhone 4 when I got home!
Low: Lost 7 voicemails when they transferred service to the new phone. Yikes! Hope it wasn't HGTV letting me know I was finally picked for a FREE backyard/home remodeling TV show...hope that call comes this week.

High: Koenig, the 6 month old wonder dog, is much, much better following his puppy pneumonia! Hip hip hooray!!! For the loyal readers out there, you may recall...he was on antibiotics for WEEKS after his episode. 
Low: Koenig pooped on the floor of PETCO on Sunday...not cool. Like, you never think YOUR dog will actually pull that one on you. It was a 5 alarm fire in my mind and the man who worked there was like, 'why are you even telling me that' because he sooo didn't seem to mind.

High: Mr. Lulu had Friday off this past week--which made for a great weekend!
taken in a dimly lit Panera...with my iPhone 4 that has a FLASH!

A mixed low/high at the same time:
While I was out Saturday, Koenig knocked over my favorite lamp in our den...kind of looked like this one. BUT he also texted me while I was driving home to tell me he was leaving a blank check on the table where it happened so I could replace it. Not kidding, he really did text me that.

Mary Kay Limited Edition Nail Color in INTENSITY. It's the dark purple color. It is SO awesome--on shorter nails filed square shape. Duh, like I have to tell you fashionable readers that. But the color is so cool--dark at first glance but such a good combination of shiny purple/ metallic. YOU WILL LOVE IT! And their colors have always been long wearing--ask anyone, they are chip resistant which is so essential with the dark colors!



Ashley said...

yay!! so glad your puppy is doing well =)
heck yeah -- blank check to replace the lamp: score =) but it still stinks that you had to replace it lol

Charlie said...

hahahaha that hairy elbow is so gross/awesome. nice job lulu!!

Charlie said...

p.s. it's good to know santa wears blue boxers...

elizabeth aka asian pear said...

so many things!!!
1. seriously hairy elbow. but wonderful fudge! i feel like youuu should do a post on homemade fudge soon (and have charlie and friends come over for a taste test... obviously)
2. mrs. claus' phone looks like a cracker.
3. i want koenig!!! GSDs are so smart, he probably has his own checking account.
4. major snaps and a 'hip-hip!' to the dark polish on short square nails. sometimes i think my manicurist doesnt GET IT.
5. where can i get that red color?!
6. did i ever mention that we have a friend in common that you went to HS with in germany (me thinks? i say WE have a friend in common but really i mean you and my sister have a friend in common... allison!)

Christina said...

Ahaha a Hairy elbow! That totally made me feel better about myself ;)

So happy your adorable puppy is doing better!!!

Al said...

I was at the Williamsburg outlets this weekend too!! Love them :)

Fabulously Awkward said...

I think the highs outweigh the lows. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Glad the pooch is feeling better. He's too cute!

N said...

Thank you for making me LAUGH OUT LOUD at my desk. My coworkers probably think I'm a weirdo.

It was Koenig's poop that did it. Way to go, wonder dog!

Jenni said...

You two are awesome!!! What a fun blog!!

University of Iowa Meg said...

I've seen those nail colors...I was debating whether or not to actually order them from my MK rep!

Kari Beth said...

congrats on the iphone4! i love mine! have you face-timed with anyone? its my favorite! my husby travels alot, so its fun to face-time with him because he can see elle when he is talking to her!