Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday- The Jose Edition!

Time for some Three Things Thursday!

1.   Sorry I haven't posted recently! We have been in full Mock 10 Status (I don't know what that means but it sure makes everything sound serious) with the baby preparations. I feel like every free moment I've had has been spent laying on my bed watching marathons of Teen Mom at a doctor's appointment, baby prep class, or hospital tour. (By the by, we keep getting these total Milktoast McGees in our baby prep events. I will tell you about them all at another time.) We also pretty much finished the nursery this weekend, and I'm so excited to get someone with a legit camera to take pictures of it! Joel and I feel proud of the results. It's still missing a few essential pieces like, ohhhh I dunno....the crib mattress but everything else is in order. I can't decide if I want to put up pics before or after the baby comes. It would be a really nice effect to have a baby physically in the room for pictures. Am I only thinking of how I can use my baby as a PROP for the nursery photoshoot, and not how it will bring joy to this dark dark world? Yes. I am already a bad mom.
A lot of THIS happening in the NixonSleeve house
2. In other news, I met the smartest man in the world a very nice gentlemen yesterday. In window #1 of the Wendy's drive-thru. His name was Jose, and I think I love him. (Sorry Joe-L.) As he was reaching for my money he said, "Should I congratulate you yet?" and I was like, "For what? Downing a largo #10 with Diet Coke?" And he says, "No, for the baby! Is it a boy or a girl?!" Now secretly I was thrown off because I didn't think he could even see into my car that well. But who am I kidding, the belly can probs be seen from the space shuttle at this point. (Sidebar: I now weep thinking of all the times I've worn my bathrobe through the drive-thru because I was too lazy to change for my late night fast food run. And I thought, ohhhh they don't notice, they are too busy asking me what kind of sauce I want. Right? Wrong. They saw me. And they judged me.)
Employer of Champions. Judger of bathrobes?
So anyway, I told him the gender. (Sorry to all my friends who we haven't told, but if I say, "It's a secret!" to strangers they look at me like I'm a loser. And I'm OK with that because it WOULD sort of make me a loser.) And he says, "Well congratulations! You're baby is going to be magnificent!!" Oh Jose. You slyyyyyy dog. I loved this on so many levels. One- I could tell he didn't use the word magnificent for just anyone. He said it with such GUSTO...I was so happy to be The Chosen One. Two- Magnificent is an extremely under used adjective. Jose and I are going to bring it back...right after our candlelight dinner. Three- He is right. My babe IS going to be magnificent. Truthfully the whole interaction was super precious and I just wanted to rip his little head set off and plant a wet one right on him! Wendy is looking down on you Jose, and she is proud.

3. This is a two part process....

One- WATCH THIS it's called The Hair Petting Game and it's the most hilarious/disturbing thing ever. It's not gross or bad disturbing, just weird and awesome disturbing. I found out about this YouTube video a few years ago, but randomly thought of it yesterday. I watched it again, and it does not disappoint. Get out there and pet some hair!!

Two- Tell me if I'm loco for wanting these...
Juicy Couture- $100
They just look so warm and inviting and water resistant!!! I feel as though $100 is a good price, but I could be wrong. I need your help ATOTS readers!!

Tonight is the second half of our baby prep class. If all goes well we will score a seat next to the Russian Mail Order bride and her albino husband. That always makes for a good time.




Beth said...

that Jose sounds super sweet! and always end up in the drive-thru with my ice cream/kitty cat pj pants, big tee, sans a bra and make-up from the previous night and i always thought the same thing..."they can't see me." maybe i should start dressing up for the drive-thru's from now on.

elizabeth aka asian pear said...

wendy's never disappoints charsky my dear!! i just hope you still remembered to get ten sweet and sour sauces.

Lulu said...

uh oh

we're not invisible to the people in the drive-thru windows-those poor souls have seen a LOT

yes on the boots--they have fur? and they are seemingly water-resistant? DOUBLE NICE

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I had a complete stranger at Wendy's the other night rub my 20 wk. baby bump... apparently the food-service industry workers love a baby. And I too have donned a bath-robe w/ too small leggings when going through a drive thru :) it's okay, we're pregnant (my excuse for everything)

Kari Beth said...

cannot wait to see pictures of that baby nursery and better yet, that BABY! so excited for you :)