Friday, October 8, 2010

Williamsburg, VA Here We Come!!

Happy Friday! In my opinion, this week went by pretty fastttt! We have a great weekend planned here at ATOTS HQ. Me, Lulu and Mother Nixonsleeve are headed to Williamsburg, Virginia for a girls weekend!! Hurrahhhhhh!!!

Just some chicks lookin' to score a date.
Joel's competition for the weekend. Rawr.
It's going to be a blast! I really love Williamsburg. Fun fact to share with your friends: the hubs went to William & Mary, so we have a lot of Williamsburg pride going on in our fam.

Here are some pics of our trip down to the 'burg last summer. We went for a triathlon Joel was participating in...

The oldest building on William & Mary's campus (I think).

Tribe pride!!

We get it. You're a stud, we get it.

Ummm for the record...nothing makes you feel lazier then watching a triathlon. I mean you post up in one of those travel chairs with the cup holder (for your frosty beverage), and just wait until the people start running by you sweating profusely and ripping off layers for the next leg of the event. And you're just like, "Wow. I need to do something with my life." But then that thought makes you tired, so you just go back to your Glamour article, "17 Beauty Trends That Will Be EVERYWHERE This Summer", and you somehow how manage to move on.

And if you're anything like me you create a silent (read: in your head) competition with the people waiting around you. Last year I totally struck up convo with a few people just to be nosey about who they were cheering on. And then I prayed to the Lord above that Joel would beat them. Horrible, right? This girl was there supporting her fiance who, "has a lot of triathlon experience" and I was like "Oh. Great." And then I spent the next 15 minutes willing, attracting, praying Joel would come through the finish line before her man. AND HE DID! And I looked at her and was like, "Ohh...lookie here...seems MY fiance is done FIRST. Hmmm...good luck waiting in the steaming hot sun. LATER LOSER!" (Sike I didn't say that.) (But you bet your assets I thought it.) Nothing like some hearty competition from the comfort of your collapsable chair.

Anyhoo, I anticipate this Williamsburg trip will be a lot less competitive, and a lot more relaxing! Among other things, we plan to hit up the outlets which always means PAR-TAY!!!

We will come back with pictures and hopefully some good stories. In the mean time, you have until 5 pm today to enter our giveaway!!! If I can get my act together in time I will post the winner tonight ;) GOOD LUCK!!




Worthington said...

This is probs one of the funniest posts you have ever written. Love it. And love Williamsburg. Cheers from the Charlottesville/Richmond area!! So pretty this time of year and I hope you are hitting up the AMAZING outlet mall (has my Le Creuset and other quality shops too!), it is perfect for a girls weekend, natch


Al said...

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL time!! I lived there for the past 4 years, and I miss it sooo much...I get to visit next weekend too :) Can't wait to see the pics!