Monday, December 15, 2008

excuses, excuses

Been busy!! To say the least. I know all of the other fabulous bloggers in blogger-land are busy too so I am here today to sheepishly announce that MY busy-ness trumps everyone elses.

SIKE. Not true at all.

But I DO love the running around during the holiday season---the cold weather, the excuse to bake, the celebration of the nativity and my beautiful Christmas Tree!!! Has anyone seen Bill O'Reilly sells bumper stickers that say "We Say Merry Christmas"--LOVE them!! I am out "Merry Christmas-ing" anyone and the true holy spirit of the season....sticking it to those PC types;)

So, on the agenda (at least for me) is Gingerbread House making...and I KNOW that Charlie is always up for a good project like this:

It's been too long since I've dabbled in the candy/cookie home construction biz so it's a top priority this month...I mean, these are the type of skills I need to work on BEFORE I have kids, no? That way, once they are born and are running around--I am already an all-powerful supermom who is capable of everything. The way I see it is that every year that goes by that I skip these essential traditions, I get rustier and rustier----and I don't want to be inept at ANY mom tasks when the time comes. Ha!

On a very lovely man, Mr. Lulu was a total sweetheart and gave NO resistance to my holiday travel plans this year

(quick shout out to Love Actually--
one of the best holiday movies of all time)

---so we're heading south to North Carolina...Ft. Bragg to be exact to see my big brother and his family for Christmas! Yippee!!! The past TWO Christmas', he was in Iraq--so we're thrilled to have him here and he and his lovely wife have three kids so that'll be fun. Do any of ya'll have issues with where to spend Christmas---with his family or yours? least fav part of the whole season is this debate. So cliche....but so very very true.

10 days and that's 9 full shopping days. Enjoy, sweet people!! See you out there!!



Treasure Ann said...

I looovvvveee baking. This time of year can really get busy. I usually can keep up with my blog, but this time I've been falling behind, but I'm catching up. I don't know about keeping up though.

Wow Lulu, I can't believe it, you will actually be coming somewhat close to me. I live in S.C. Small world huh? I'm glad your brother is home from Iraq. I will be spending Christmas with my immediate family-seeing as right now there is no husband or significant other. Still hoping and waiting though. Many blessings to Lulu, Charlie and your families.
Merry, Merry Christmas. :)

Muffy said...

Awwww, your XMAS is going to be FAB!!!

Life at the White House said...

I'm also out "Christmas-ing" everyone! I'm not holding back either! ;-)

We almost bought a gingerbread house kit this weekend, but I baked all day Sunday instead.

Glad to see you guys are back!!!

Kappa Prep said...

What fun that you get to spend Christmas with you wonderful borthers family! You are going to have the most wonderful time and it will be so special!

Hollie said...

I was wondering where you were!

You have got to post a pic of your gingerbread house when it is complete! We want to see your mad skills!

Have a great trip to NC!

Worthington said...

My DB and I just watched earlier this week Love Actually -he had never seen it! Was a nice cheesy evening together... : )

Love y'alls blog!