Thursday, August 12, 2010

meet and meat and other musings

1. I know how you feel, I felt that way too. I was skeptical that meetup dot com was a legit place to meet awesome people but what I found was I was wrong!
I just came home from a meetup: coffee talk for DC ARMY WIVES this morning (actual army wives. not fans of the show. just like that logo, sorta. ha, point of clarification obvi needed) and met a very awesome new friend! We clicked and now we are getting together again with our husbands too next weekend for dinner here at my house. Fun!! I need to recount my last dinner party in another post on another day...but suffice to say we had 26 for a fiesta dinner last Saturday night! WOOHOO!!! Feeling like adulthood is progressing along nicely.

In other Thursday news. It's HOT as hades here in DC. Weather reports says "temp 87* [feels like 92*]"...and what does that mean exactly. If it feels more like 92*...maybe it IS 92*. Muggy I guess. Do you ever feel as though it's too hot to work? Literally. Three cheers for being your own boss on days like these. Besides, a t-storm is rolling in..I can hear it. Must remain indoors for the rest of today, it's the safest thing to do.

3. Meanwhile, my sweet husband, (aka Mr. Lulu in blogland) is in....let me get this right...Kyrgyzstan. Just for about a week. This is NOT the country that Borat is from but there isn't anywhere in the world further from DC than Kyrgyzstan, except it's neighbor China. So crazy, he can see the sun rising as we see it setting.

He just called me from Bishkek and told me that they are, as a country, the world's second largest consumer of meat. Beef, pork, goat, lamb--whatever, they eat it. He asked who then eats more meat....and just like you'd imagine that Kyrgyzstani humor to be...they answered "wolves. Only wolves eat more meat than we do."

4. Need a fresh, new blog design badly. I wish I could design something myself but alas, that's not my gift. I can do many things but graphic design is outside my scope. Suggestions welcome. Also need to link the Origin of a Nixonsleeve post to the top of the's essential to our readers to truly understand where we're coming from...oh and please let Charlie write a post explaining why using ... between short sentences is called the Ferrari Effect. hahahaha I seem to be using a lot of Ferrari Effect lately.

5. Will I be watching Real Housewives of DC tonight...yes. I am all about second chances, I love a good comeback story and I have a willing heart. I want these ladies to do well, and not make DC people look so lame. I am rooting for them.

Just let them give me something to work with over here.


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