Wednesday, August 11, 2010


To begin the long list of ithappenedsincewelastblogged I'll start with what's right in front of me!!!!

This is my sweet little puppy, Koenig. He's a German Shepherd Dog....and he's awesome!!

Actually the picture isn't new, it's a few weeks ago I guess. His ears stand up straight now.

He is so smart and so adorable and I never had a dog before so I am pretty excited! I know, I know "pet stuff" can be boring to other people and that is completely understandable. For me, it's kind of like listening to the details of someone else's dream they had last night or the retelling of the plot to a movie that you haven't seen. Hard to pay attention to--but now the roles have been I will keep the stories of what he did today to a minimum unless something truly unique happens. Which because he is the most amazing puppy ever could be daily. We'll just see.


Sort of.

My husband adores this little guy too--every single day when he comes home from work it's as if they haven't seen each other for 10 years rather than 10 hours. THAT is cute.


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