Friday, August 20, 2010

Calling all Chefs/Bakers/people who have a lot of recipes!

I need your help! I just realized I have three things coming up in the near future that require me to make something. And see I have no cooking skillz to speak of (and I'm a slow learner).

False advertising.

Tomorrow night we are doing a wine tasting with Joel's family. This is how it works: each couple was assigned a country (we randomly chose out of a hat) and we are to bring a red and white from our designated country. We got Australia/New Zealand so the wine picking part is easy. But we also need to bring an appetizer that sorta matches the country. I can't really think of anything that screams Australia though. (Yes I've already considered getting a bloomin' onion from Outback and calling it a day, so don't even try that.) At this point I'm not as concerned with the app matching the country, so much as it I want it to be delicious!

Our wines are a Shiraz and a Sauvignon Blanc. Apparently smoky meaty items are good with a Shiraz, and seafood/fish is good with Sauvignon Blanc. Any app ideas?! Talk amongst yaselves.

Sunday night and Tuesday night we are having friends over for dinner. (Don't ask me how I got roped into entertaining for people in general, let alone with only ONE night break in between. I am a novice homemaker, OK?! The thought of this makes me want to take a nap.) But I'm looking for something easy, hot, delicious and meaty (something about that sentence sounds sorta fresh. And I like it!). Like a casserole or something. For my laziness factor simplicity's sake, whatever I make Sunday night I'll also make Tuesday night. Heyooooo.

So...ANY IDEAS?!?! Please just post links to recipes if you don't feel like typing them. I greatly need your help. The Waspy Redhead I'm lookin' at you!



p.s. Guess how many thank you notes we did last night? Oh wait. None. Laying on the floor of the baby's room and trying to get our cats to eat our hair seemed significantly more productive.


Al said...

Darlin, you are amazing. Thank you for the support - you've warmed my heart. I look forward to reading about you and "getting to know you" on here. Again, the most heartfelt thanks...

Leila said...

Charlotte- I have a great sesame noodle recipe. It's nice for the summer because it's like a cold pasta dish. It needs to marinate over night in its sauce, but other than that it's chop and go the next day. You can toss in shrimp or chicken to your liking, but they are pretty much a crowd pleaser all around. Email me if you still need the recipe:

Wine tasting sounds awesome! I'm very jealous :)

ej said...

PINE! you know my asian pear recipe book you gave me is full of goodies (to feed you with... as you had the artist decorate the front) so i wish you let me knowww! i cant wait to hear how it went :)

Kari Beth said...

Okay I have no suggestions for the wine party but for dinner you could make quiche and chicken pot pie! Both super easy! Serve with a salad and call it a day! I've got good recipes if you want them let me know!

Josh Healy said...

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I can't wait to see your Australian pics AND try them myself when I leave for The Land Down Under this week!!!