Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Round-Up + Things I'm Excited About

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Things were pretty low-key here in NoVA! You might be wondering (or you might not care at all, which is totally acceptable) what the heck I was up to this weekend. Lulu informed me that My Weekend Plans In Pictures pictures were redic and left too much to the imagination!

Allow me to break it down...

The bishop hat-- Friday night my husband's parents were kind enough to invite us to dinner with the Bishop for the Diocese of Arlington. The hub's parents have formed a friendship with him, and we jumped at the chance to spend time with the bishop in such an intimate setting. It's a pretty big deal to be able to have dinner with the bishop at his residence because not only do you dine with him, he also says a private mass for you and your family! It feels really good to know that someone like a bishop is praying specifically for you, your family, and your intentions. It was lovely!

The dogs and Mr & Mrs Smith-- Joel and I had been housesitting since last Wednesday for a family friend. It's a pretty easy gig (I mean they have a pool and all you can eat Raisin Bran Crunch so they are good peeps in my book). They also have two golden retrievers and a cat we were taking care of. We have two cats of our own, and I think we are spoiled by the fact that taking care of a cat requires like .5 brain cells. Dogs on the other hand are a lot of work. They have to go to taken outside like all the time...and they eat so many bones! Actually these dogs were super cute and loving, but we are happy to be back home with our easy peasy cats!

While housesitting on Friday we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I stinkin' love that movie and have seen it like 3x. The hubs hadn't seen it before, so I was pumped to watch it again. I am not a big Brangelina fan BUT the chemistry they have in the movie is muy caliente! Ayeyeyeyeyeye!

The pool-- Pretty self explanatory. Too bad it was overcast!

The naked people under the sheets-- Relax! This is not one of those types of blogs. They are just sheets made to look like naked people. Pretty sweet, eh? This was merely to represent the fact we went to the store to buy new sheets for our awesome new bed. It's now in full working order and we love it!

Legally Blonde-- Lulu and I went with our mom to see Legally Blonde the musical at Wolftrap this weekend! OMGosh you guys it was soooo cute! I'll let Lulu post (she may even have a pic or two). The show is so clever, and in my opinion, better than the movie.

The cross-- Church. Duh.

Paint samples-- Yesterday we went to Home Depot to get paint samples for the baby's room. Hurrah! (More on that later).

Foot Massage/Pedicure pic-- Well I wanted to get a pedicure yesterday but I just didn't find the time. I went to HomeGoods instead, which we at T.O.T.S. headquarters will ALWAYS consider a win!! Despite not getting a pedi, Joel did give me a foot massage which was wonderful! My feet are seriously ughhh these days with being preggers. Swollen and achy (so hot right now)...I needed it :)

Mondays are so slow at work and sometimes Mondays can put me in a sour mood. So to combat that feeling this morning, I decided to make a list of things I'm excited/ looking forward to! Here are a few things I'm pumped for:

**Wearing Fall Clothes**

Fall may be my favorite time of year. I love it so much! I am a big fan of cooler weather, and I'm looking forward to jumping into a nice leggings slash riding boot combo as I enter the homestretch of this pregnancy.

**Friday Night Lights on ABC Family**

Starting September 6th, ABC Family will be showing reruns of the first season of Friday Nights Lights every night at 5 pm! This is awesome for a few reasons... One- the show is excellent!! Two- I tried watching the current season of FNL this year and I had no clue what was going on. I watched the first season and a half, and then stopped. I'm happy I will have a place to TIVO everything and start over. Three- I am always looking to get the hubs into a series. I am A Serious Series Watcher. Right now we are working on LOST, which can be confusing and totally heavy. Friday Night Lights is a perfect combo of sports (for Joel) and drama (for yours truly!).

**Decorating the Baby's Room**

There was much debate betwixt Joel and me on finding out the sex of our baby. He didn't want to, and while there was part of me that wanted a surprise too, the bigger part of me wanted to find out so we (read: I) could mentally prepare. I am justttt neurotic enough that I needed to know for planning purposes. In the end we found out the gender with the deal that for the next baby we'd keep it a surprise until the end. Fair enough! Even though we know (and keeping it a secret for pretty much everyone), I'm still doing the baby's room a gender neutral color as I think it will stand the test of time better.

mellow yellowFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

mellow yellow by charlie25 featuring Anna Molinari skirts

As a lot of my friends know, I am pretty obsessed with the color grey. My wedding colors were hot pink and grey, my bedroom is aqua and grey and now the baby's room will be yellow and grey! Hooray! Down by the bay! OK! Anywayyyyy (HAHAH even that rhymed) I digress...Grey tones down bold colors without creating a stark contrast, and it's modern. I am loving this color combo for the room. Hopefully my vision will come to life. I will post pics after we paint (which we are planning on doing this weekend)!

**Football Sundays**

OK so I will admit I'm not the biggest football fan in the world. Like I'm not super knowledgeable about the game, nor do I even know all the rules. (Sidebar: The girls who DO know everything about football and try to be "one of the guys" about it are annoying. It's cute to wear a fitted jersey and drink a beer while watching but that's about it. Don't be THAT girl who wants all the guys to think she's like the Ask Jeeves of football. They don't like it that much, trust.) What I do like about football is how homey I feel when watching it. Nothing is better then being cozy on the couch by a fire with your man, half watching a game as you paint your nails and catch up on magazines. YAY loveeee it!

So those are some things I'm really happy and excited for!! What are some things YOU are looking forward to?!




Lulu said...


I wanna make collages like that!!!!I only knew you made the fall clothes one when I saw your dy bracelet!!!

ps you *are* obsessed with football hahahaha friday night lights + redskins!!! please never let your facebook status be "HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!"

Leila said...

I LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! How have we not discussed this before? It's an awesome show. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby's room! xo

Fabulously Awkward said...

Hah! I do the same thing when I watch football. Unless it involves going to the bar and eating wings. Then I focus on the wings, natch.