Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thanks but no thanks, thank you notes.

Oh heyyyy guysssss. Sorry I took a few days off (this is the blessing of being a CO-blogger). You see, I've been recovering from feeling like I have FREAKIN' CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME FROM WRITING SO MANY WEDDING THANK YOU NOTES!!!!!!! Woah. What happened there? I blacked out.

Carpal Tunnel glove. My new best friend?

Don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY grateful to everyone who got us something for our wedding, but hot damn! Thank you notes are WORK. And they are especially terrible when you've waited ohhhh sayyyy, six months to write them? I suck. And honestly? We didn't even have THAT many to write. Maybe 100-110? In my defense-- when you become with child  after like 2.5 days of being married (yes. days.) your brain completely shifts gears into what I call S&S mode. Spaz and Stalk. I pretty much ran around town spazing about being pregnant, and stalking the internets to find every available resource on babies. In the whole universe.

So I've been pre-occupied. Luckily, Joel was sweet and offered to help write said notes. This has been great, but with the two of us at the helm it's been more of a blind leading the blind kinda experience...

For starters, we literally have to pump ourselves up to do them as though we are competing in an Olympic sporting event. Lots of chest bumping...we may even get the Space Jam soundtrack involved.  I mean we talk about it weeks in advance before we actually break down and do them. There's a lot of, "So when do we want to finish the thank you notes?" and some, "The next full moon is in like 24 days. That's usually when my creative juices are flowing best. Let's take a stab at it then."

Once we pick the day, there is some fuss (on my end) about location. I am the princess and the pea when it comes to location of penning these notes. Can't be my house. (Too many distractions! Enter the game: "harass the cats with the lazer pointer". Otherwise boring, it becomes SO appealing when thinking about thank you notes). Can't be anywhere too loud (I am nosey and I'll listen to people's convos), and it can't be too crowded (what if they're nosey and read all the profound things I'm writing?). We settled on a Starbucks near our house. This is not just any old Sbux's the double-decker Starbucks. Two levels. comfy couches, [decaf] lattes, and a fireplace (clearly not in use now. But it comforts me knowing it's there). Sighhhhhhhh.

We decided to help our cause, and break down the writing process into two parts. Do half one day, and half another day. Genius right? Well what's NOT genius is waiting about a month or so between phases and totally forgetting who you wrote to. This one probably falls on my shoulders as I am The Woman Of The House. I'm usually really good at being organized and neat with my items, but I tots dropped the ball on this. The first phase had gone pretty well (read: minimal whining and hand cramping), and we had gotten through about half. The second phase (earlier this week) was not as awesome. I had put little boxes next to the names of people we hadn't written to yet, with the intention of checking them off as we wrote them this time around. Expect I guess we forgot to check some boxes, and checked others by mistake. Woopsies! Go-go gadget CONFUSION!

Joel was convinced he had written notes to some of the people with unchecked boxes. But what if he was wrong? I mean he is super hot and awesome. But alas, he is only human. It is here we happened upon a Fork In The Road, my friends. Do you write notes to these peeps anyway? With this you risk doubling up and sending them TWO. Awk-warddddd. Or do you just move on and pray that's not the "you-never-sent-me-a-thank-you-note-for-those-spatulas-you-ungrateful-hussie" stink eye your cousin is giving you at next family gathering? Decisions, decisions. We went with doubling up. Joel started every note yesterday with "We can't thank you enough..." just in case we had already sent one. He said this made it sound like he loved the gift so much, he just had to send TWO notes. (This is why I married the man. He is both gentleman and scholar.) ("We love the crockpot! No really. We like LOVE it. SO MUCH. If the crockpot had little crockpot arms I would be forcing it to embrace me all day. We love it a lot, a lot. And we wanted to let you know. Again.) (Just kidding. No one wrote that one.)

The only redeeming factor of this whole thing is just how stinkin' cute our thank you cards are. ( Made by Lisa Marie at Sweet Tea Photography ).

The front. I'm bias, but I would be happy to get this card.

The back. Oh yes, my name is Charlotte!

And here's the kicker...we still have 18 left. So now the writing process is THREE parts. What is WRONG with us?!?! I am going to finish these today if it's the last thing I do. In the mean time if you need me, I'll be silently wheeping wilst doing my Carpal Tunnel prevention exercises.

She seems happy to me.




elijah! (aka ej) said...

charsky! you don't have to send me a thank you note. after all, i only cleaned up house of all the RANDOM items on your registry (to me that was responsible!!) i give you extra props for the full moon comment-- very MK of you :)


Anonymous said...

Definitely risk the double thank you. Acknowledge it with some humor; make it sounds like you are so overcome with gratitude that you can't hold back from writing (possibly again?)

Hollie said...

glad to see you gals back to blogging! :-)

and yes, thank you notes are a total pain. i'm thankful, but do i have to prove it?? although i must say, your thank you notes were super cute and def worth sending out!

looks like i've missed out on a lot of here's multiple comments....bear with me:

-love the colors for the baby room!
-congrats on your pregnancy, so exciting! you look great girl!!
-can't wait for fall either! i'm melting in this heat! ughh!

dang, you probably wish you wouldn't have told me you were back to blogging after all that!haha! ;-) SAHM = can you tell i'm lacking in the area of adult interaction???? i just talked your head off through a blog comment!