Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Hello all! Yesterday's doc appointments went well. They took forever, (the glucose test and the RhoGAM shot), but I lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, we had people over for dindin last night and since the appointments took so long I ran out of time to make anything. BOO!  So I ended up buying a frozen lasagna which was good, but there's nothing like making a meal for your guests. Word? Wahhh anyway, all is well that ends well because I think everyone had a good time!

Now on to Three Things Thursday.

1. I really really want a dot.mine planner. These planners are seriously THE BEST. There are three types: Life_time.mine, Family_time.mine, or just Time.mine. I had a time.mine planner in college and I have never been more mentally organized. The planners are so colorful and lovely and they have week/month views. AND they are inexpensive! (Who doesn't love a good deal!) With a babe on the way, I've decided I need to [wo]man up and get the family planner.
This is the one I want!

Look at some of the cute designs!

2. I think we've finally come up with The Name.

After much debate we may have finally settled upon the baby's name. Hurrah!!! Rejoice! It's not totally set in stone yet (and I guess won't be until the baby's birthday?), but we love it. I'm pretty sure Lulu was the one who threw out the name to start, and I kinda forgot about it until Joel the other day was like, "Hey remember when Lulu suggested [redacted name]?! I LIKE IT." and I was like, "Oh em goshhhh, Joel, I LOVE IT!" So that pretty much means it's been decided. It does lower my blood pressure considerably just knowing there a name we both really agree on. But you'll have to wait two and half more months (not that long ahhhh!) to find out ;)

3. This is what I did when I got home from work:



And now I have the will to live again. THANK GOODNESS FOR ORGANIZATION!

OK tomorrow is Friday, I've just eaten a corndog, and Real Housewives of DC is on in 20 minutes. Things are lookin' good my friends! Enjoy the evening!!


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elijah! (aka ej) said...

umm i spy a pretty little necklace on the right that matches the one that you got me for my berfdayyy!!

you know that organization gets me REALLY REALLY GOOD. so proud of you pine!