Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th is for fools

Happy Friday (the 13th) all!

It doesn't have the same sweet ring to it when Mr.Lulu is still half way around the world...but weekends are not to be scoffed at under any circumstances so I will have a stiff upper lip and get through as many DVR'd shows as possible, in his absence. Taking one for the team has always been my hallmark.

In general, today's glaring lesson was that trying to operate without my datebook with me at all times is foolish. I have a very sweet little iPhone but I really still prefer my pencil and paper datebook. And when it slides underneath the seat of my car and hides's trouble. But yet, it's the time management method do best with. It's a vicious cycle-

I did get over to the National Shrine today with my mom, I kept that appointment;) It's a beautiful place, I love attending Mass with tourists from around the globe and in a perfect world I'd have loads of time to spend in their amazing bookshop. I am always sorta rushing...trying to get back out of DC before rush hour...HOV traffic lanes etc etc. But the time I do have to spend there is always fulfilling. And I will include a picture of the shrine purely to counter balance my sister's earlier Allah post...

Sooo, what else is blog-worthy, post-worthy....Charlie and I are headed to Legally Blonde the Musical tomorrow night!! It's at Wolftrap which is such a fun place to see a show....I'm very excited!!!! Does this picture make you happy?

And in other obvious news, today is Friday the 13th. Knew that without the datebook. I am not really a superstitious person but I did a fast search at found that A LOT of people fear this day. Some refuse to go to work, fly on airplanes and basically function normally. National Geographic did some sort of study that estimated $800-900 million dollars are lost today in business--just because it's Friday the 13th. And no one I know can even really explain why there is a stigma with this date--other than the obvious thriller movies. (umm, no haven't seen'em, never will)

Went to another favorite place this afternoon--Home Goods! Wouldn't it be soo cool if Home Goods had a website, and you could pre-search each and every new item. Maybe that would ruin the fun of the experience though...I love the thrill of the hunt while I am there. Ooohh...the LAMP section. So fantastic. I sometimes literally feel my adrenaline kick in when I get my shopping cart, put my purse in the kid seat, make a wide left turn into the glassware aisle and start stalking my prey. [OK, take it easy there killer.] Anyway, we went to a bigger Home Goods, a little farther from my house and shockingly I spent no money...woah, wait a second here. Maybe there is something to the Friday the 13th business. Today had to have been a fluke. I hope I didn't jinx my Home Goods luck---

All in all a good day. Reheated last night's pizza and got two meals for the price of one outta Pizza Hut--heyo!



Time to relax!

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