Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Etsy, You Keep Me Young!

I don't know about you ladies, but I just adore Etsy and everything it represents. I feel like Etsy makes all my creative dreams come true, without me having to do any work. You know? Like if I have a vision for something unique, and funky for my house I go right to Etsy. Why do things like sew, and paint and create when you can just have talented Etsy artisans do all of that for you! Genius.

Here are just SOME (I say some in caps because it literally is just a few of the things I've gotten recently. Thank goodness Joel is also an Etsy Believer. Otherwise this relationship would be a horse of another color. Heyooo.) of my recent Etsy purchases.
Honestly, who doesn't have one of these? Via

Everyone needs a Keep Calm and Carry On poster somewhere in there house, right? The simplicity of the message totally speaks to me. FRANKIE SAYS RELAX! (Or in this case, the Brits say relax?) Either way it works for me and I adore it. I got mine in black, matted it in white and framed it in black. It's in our downstairs bathroom and looks pretty bad ass. The color scheme of the bathroom is fuchsia and black which I am pretty much obsessed with.
I got this little guy in Storm Grey. Via
This cute wittle birdie is going in the baby's room. I'm thinking perched on the crib? Personally, I'd always feel happy knowing a bird as cute as this one is staring at me while I sleep. The best part of the deal is his bargain price of $4. This shop has the cutest wall decals. Can't wait to see how it looks!

Pillows for the glider. Via
These pillows will also be going in the baby's room. Keeping with my yellow/grey theme, my stomach literally started to get butterflies when I saw these! (Or maybe it was the baby kicking because he/she could sense I was looking at something glorious? I'll go with that.) I won't lie, at first my heart was pulled toward this pillow:
Is this the cutest thing ever? Yes. Via
I mean I still might get it because it's so darn perfect for a nursery!! But after much deliberation I ended up going with the more mature choice. Plus it was two covers for the price of this one Koala (although this pillow may be priceless)!

What tailgating season would be complete without these? Via
My husand is a die hard 'Skins fan. His whole family is actually. They have season tickets and take the games very seriously. (As in-- he just surprised me last night with a maternity McNabb jersey. And yes he asked me to wear it for the rest of the night. And yes I did.) Recently, I ended up doing a search for Redskins on Etsy and came across these badboys. Beanbags for corn hole! Joel's brother painted really cool Redskins corn hole boards last season, and now they will have the bags to match. HAIL! (Lulu LOVES when people say that!)

King of the lambs! Via

This is just one of the three 8X10 prints I picked up from this shop. Again...for the baby! (The baby is seriously going to have the best room in the house. Too bad I'm not joking. ) If you have time, I highly suggest visting this shop. They tons of prints to choose from that are reasonable, unique and soooo precious. Plus right now they are having a sale. I'm going to mat these in grey, and hang them in white frames. Against the yellow walls, I think they will look really good. Hooray!

So do you have any favorite shops on Etsy? Any fav purchases? Let me know. Clearly I'm in the business of giving my money to Etsy people. I'm practically a guaranteed sale!

Enjoy your Friday!



Tricia said...

The baby's room sounds wonderful! Would love to see photos when you are done.

Lulu said...

Agreed. ETSY is THE best. I need to do a pictoral of all my ETSY purchases:)

And I believe everyone needs TWO "Keep Calm and Carry On" prints in their home. Keeping a stiff upper lip takes all the reminding one can get.

Kari Beth said...

I cannot wait to see the nursery when it's finished! Sounds adorable!