Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Things Thursday

So I was creeping paroozing around other blogs today and saw that a lot of bloggers are into something called "Three Things Thursday". From the looks of it you just share three rando things that are on your mind. Well OK, sounds easy enough!

1. The Real Housewives of D.C. makes me feel physically ill.... But you bet your assets I'll be tuning into Bravo tonight at 9 pm. 

On behalf of all Washington D.C. area natives, I'm so sorry.
I already know that RHODC is going to give us a bad name. I mean D.C. is pretty exciting (you know, being the Nation's Capital and all) but it's not like...reality t.v. exciting. You know? AND THAT'S OK, DC. Take pride in that! Hold your head high knowing it's probs a stretch for you to be flipping tables and calling people prostitution whores. I just hope the women this season don't embarrass themselves (oh wait- too late!) or the city too much.

But alas, I WILL be watching tonight. I feel it's my civic duty. Why? Because I enjoy giving myself ulcers for funsies, that's why. (And because I like all the montages of the city Bravo does between scenes.)

2. We just got a new mattress, and the THOUGHT of it makes me feel extremely refreshed!

So I have been complaining for awhile now that pregnancy plus an old mattress have made for many an uncomfortable night lately. Finally last weekend my sweet and loving husband took me over to Mattress Warehouse to test drive some mattresses (ew- not like that you sickos). Fun right? SO RIGHT. Any place where it's socially acceptable for you to lay down the SECOND you walk inside, is my kind of place.

We settled on a beautiful King size pillow top mattress...and it's being delivered AS WE SPEAK. This might be the highlight of my week. Nay, month. And I'm totally OK with that.

Funny sidebar about this Mattress Warehouse-- sometime late last year my husband and I were driving past the window of this store and as we passed he almost drove off the road. This was the convo that took should have taken place:

C: "What are you doing?!"
J: "Why is there a mattress wearing a thong in the window of Mattress Warehouse?"
C: "Ummm...Why is that the most profound question I've ever heard? And why aren't we turning around to investigate? WE MUST INVESTIGATE!!!"

So we turned around and drove into the parking lot. What we discovered was nothing short of amazing...

I am not above doing business with a thong wearing mattress.
Needless to say when the time came for us to get a new mattress, we knew just the place!

3. We are registering for the baby soon!!

I'll keep this one short and sweet....

I am excited/nervous to register for the baby! My brother-in-law and his wife sent us this lovely book to help us register:

Baby Bargains rocks!

I'm sure this book is old news for some moms, but for any moms-to-be out there you need a copy! It has mock registries and helps you decipher between what you WANT and NEED (an important concept that I'm still trying to master!) All I know is I've already found one item that I want AND need to be on our registry....'re welcome.

 Enjoy your Thursday, my friends! Tomorrow= Friday :)



Lulu said...

bbaaaahhhhaahahahaha ok you're getting that Her's & mini-His SnuggieMeetsQuilt Mermaid style blanket

is it kosher to comment as a co-blogger?

Lulu said...

oh and way to brief me on "3 things thursday" as I randomly proceeded with 5 things thursday

Day Old News said...

OMG, mermaid sleeping bags? Hilarious!!! Also, I could not agree more on RHODC (cringy-worthy but needs to be watched).

The Waspy Redhead said...

Where have mermaid sleeping bags been all my life?

elijah! (aka ej) said...

you provide me with some serious entertainment. mattress thongs are necessary for that VERY reason-- you probs would have gone to Sleepys had that delectable window dressing not been posted.

i hope you're double dosing on some popeyes chicken strips and honey mustard!!