Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 Things Thursday (excuse the bad language please)

1. Today is mom's birthday!! She is the BEST. We'd celebrate today but she's headed down to NC with my dad to visit Brother Nixonsleeve and fam for the Labor Day weekend.

Mama Nixonsleeve and Lulu

2. Try not to laugh, my twitter account was hacked yesterday. What, you don't believe me? Ladies and gentleman allow me to present Exhibit A:
These are screen shots of Charlie's phone...
And this

Ummmmm...HOLY SMOKES can you even BELIEVE the crazy stuff my twitter account was sending out!?!? Yep, that's me @ONeillLaura sending out insanity to the universe and they are only funny when you READ them out loud as you cry laughing. I got an email from someone telling me I was sending out weird, scary, SEXUAL links!!! And Charlie reports she got 80 texts from my twitter account. Be careful about allowing access to your twitter from random apps. Meanwhile, problem is now fixed.

3. What were you like in high school? I just found an old pic of me
I miss the old times.



Charlie said...

poor tony blair. what did he ever do to you, lulu?!

Ashley Kate said...

Omg! The twitter stuff is ridiculous! Love the old pic too! I'm a new follower- love your blog!