Friday, September 24, 2010

This Week On "Charlie In Charge"

Hello beautiful people!! T.A.I.F!! I hope everyone had a great week. I started my modified work schedule this week, and it feels great. I only work 5 hours a day now, and spend the rest of my hours stalking the Michael's craft store dollar isle elevating my feet. Truthfully this is what I NEEDED, my friends. Having my cankles elevated in the afternoons has helped my Frodo Baggins feet immensely.

Here are some things I've been up to this week:

1. Planning my outfits for this weekend...

I have two pretty major things to attend this weekend. On Saturday night the school Joel teaches at will be hosting their annual Garden Party. It's this great event for parents and faulty to eat, drink and enjoy the beautiful campus. Last year it was so cold and rainy! My dress barely made an appearance because I was wrapped in a coat all night.

(Sidebar: I tried to find a pic of my dress from Anthropologie and I had no luck. But I did find these two gems....

Sign me up for these beauts post pregnancy!! via Anthropologie )

This year it is essential to look good, but also FEEL good. And because of Canklegate 2010, I am limited in my outfit choices. I will not, under any circumstances, be wearing CRC (cankle revealing clothing).  It's definitely a dressy event and most women will be in a skirt/dress. BUT this is what I'm going with:

The Garden Party

The Garden Party by charlie25 featuring a knit maternity

I'm hoping that great hair, makeup and accessories will take away from the fact I'm wearing pants. (Anyone reading this who will be there Saturday-- avert your eyes!) I'm secretly happy that I'm wearing pants. With a skirt you have to worry about looking tan, shaving, etc. (Soooo I guess I'll just be super pale and hairy and getting the last laugh? Yes.)

Sunday afternoon is my baby shower and I'm so excited!! But I am all confused about what to wear! I will definitely be sporting pants (black) but I wanted to wear a colorful, fun top. I have a lot of black shirts and honestly that's so morbid for a baby shower! (At least for ME to be wearing. If anyone is planning on wearing black to the shower I salute you. And I am jealous of you.) So I am currently on a mission to find a baby shower approps outfit. Any thoughts?

I have this shirt (which looks way better on/in person):

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It's flattering, comfortable and with the right accessories will get the job done. But like Ariel says,  I WANT MOREEEEEE!!! I'm not looking to break the bank, but if anyone knows of shirts that fit the bill let me know!

2. I've been pushing fall in a big bad way...

I just want it to be cooler already! Yesterday was the first day of fall (how do I know this? Because my dotmine planner told me! HEYOOO), and we put up our fall wreath!! I had been promising myself that I would have it up for the first day of the season! It's from Pottery Barn and I pretty much love it.
I tried to take a picture of MY door, but it didn't look as good! Via
I also hit up Bath & Body Works and got a few little items.

Creamy Pumpkin Hand Soap

"Leaves" Candle
If you know what's good for you, you will go purchase these things too. They are delicious smelling and they will get you in the fall spirit!

OK and then something bad happened. I got alittle crazy with my fall scents obsession. I had read (here) about this limited edition Febreze called "Pumpkin Harvest & Fall", and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went to Giant, Safeway, CVS...none of them had it! This only added to the allure. Was it so good they were sold out? Is it so limited that only a few lucky noses would be able to take a whiff? Have I set out on a quest for the 8th wonder of the natural world? All logical questions. I decided to do what any freak show savvy gal would do, and I took to the streets. EBay. There I found more bottles of Febreze Pumpkin Harvest & Fall then I could shake a fist at! But no one was selling just ONE bottle. So I bought three.

And no I haven't even smelled it yet. And yes I think paying $22.47 is redic. And no I didn't tell Joel. And yes when he reads this he will be hearing about it for the first time. (Love you long time, babe!) And no I'm not proud of it. And YES I am looking forward to spraying it liberally all over my home.

Come. To. Mama.
3. I gave myself a mani with this color...

It's great! Get it. Wear it. Love it. It's a fun fall transition color! (I would have taken one of those pictures where I hold the bottle while showing off my nails, but I'm almost pos that pale-preggo-sausage-finger-man-hands need not apply for that kinda thing. Sooooo you're welcome.)

The plan is to take a lot of fun pics this weekend, and post them next week! I hope everyone has a fun, fab and safe weekend. A week from today we will reveal our next giveawayyyyyy!!


Charlie In Charge (Yes, I know the show was actually called "Charles In Charge", but whatevs!)

P.S. Here is a T.A.I.F. gift from ATOTS to you:



Fabulously Awkward said...

Heybabies...bwahahaha. Hilarious.

Have FUN at the party and your shower, Momma!

Christina said...

TOTALLY made me the heybabies so much, and hate them so much!

BTW - my hubby mailed your package yesterday...should be coming soon! :)

Lindsey said...

I'm SO going to have to try some of that Febreeze pumpkin!!! Never knew they had scents like that!! Cool!! Have a great weekend!

amy (metz) walker said...

Ha, love the "heybabies" funny!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love that second Anthropologie dress!

Hope you had a wonderful time at your party and your baby shower!

mrsapplejuice said...

Haha! I love the Heybabys definition! Here's a little tidbit to add--I didn't have heybabys until I got pregnant with my baby. Now they won't go away! Oh well. I wouldn't mind them so much if the other 20 pounds would go away...

Found your blog today, and it's a fun one to read. Thanks for posting!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

You're too funny!

You will look very chic in that outfit, I love the shoes! And that OPI color is amazing for fall!