Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm doin' it.

I am soooo doing this. I already have the built-in-kitchenclosetdeskdumpingarea and I'm starting the new look for it tonight. Now, functionality isn't super important here on this project.'s never the primo reason for doing anything really. It's hurts to be beautiful..and all that jazz. But anyway, it's that upstairs I have a home office already--and it's fully equipped so I am making over the kitchen desk for organizational fabulousness. (ie stop drowning in last week's mail)

Here are my inspiration pics.

But oops first I gotta know, which one do YOU like best? That's a legit question...that's what we do here in the Greater DC area...the National Capital Area...we VOTE! Ha, so comment after you decide, one vote each...votes will be tallied sometime tomorrow or the next day and yeah, serious votes only please. We got standards here at ATOTS.

OK, here's the kinda look I want.

Desk #1: 

Right off the bat space #1, love the chinese chippendale chair. But that's not the space. I like the space because the clean, white design and the hidden storage on the top. My closet has the same doors.

Desk #2

OK-space #2 has the pop of color that I love. And the white accessories. Plenty of space on the writing desk AND symmetry with the bulletin boards. I like, I like.

Desk #3
 Desk #3: Brilliant choice to have a mirror with the lamp reflecting. LOVE this and I love the use of space on the doors. But all white, needs more color? I dunno. Yet.

Desk #4
 Space #4: I love everything about this little space. The chair distracts me (in a good way) again, because bright shiny things usually do...but the turquoise goes in my house and so does the dark khaki on the walls.

Desk #5
 Desk #5: Ummm...I'm note sure what is so great here. Other than it's functional and the colors all flow...blah..

Desk #6
 Desk # 6: Come to mama!!!! I L-O-V-E this and it underscores the need for fantastic wallpaper in strategic places! Love the color, the size, the smart use of the doors, the floating shelves. They did SO great on this one.

Desk #7
Space #7: Small and to the point, great wallpaper again.

Soooooooooo....what say YOU?


PS- Yes, I will post before/after pics because I aim to truly inspire. 


Elise said...

I think a combo of desk #1 and #6 would be great. I like the light, clean look of number one, but I think you could really jazz up the clean look with some really great wall paper as shown in six. I think a really modern printed wall paper would look great with white painted trim. Then you could mix and match different containers and decorative touches within the space as well to further pull out your color scheme.

Charlie said...

i like desk #2 and #6! maybe the pop of color (in aqua) with the curtain of desk #6?!

i'm slightly jealous you even have one of these nooks!

Charlie said...

ps joel likes desk #1!!!

asian pear aka ej!! said...

luluuuu i am so proud of you for wanting to take on this task!! i'm all about #6! YOU CAN DO IT-- I HAVE FAITH :):)

Katherine said...

I love #4 and #6! I think I like #4 cuz the woman made me think of you making your calls! They would both inspire me to actually work :)

Al said...

I'm a Desk #4 kind of the colors! But all are super cute, and I would take any one one my house :)

Trish said...

Mix of #6 and #1! i adore the chair in 1, and the clean white lines...and I love the floating shelves in 6...the wall paper is a TAD busy for me. yay good luck post pics of the progress!

Ashley said...

I really want to do this at our next house!! I adore the loook!! and love almost all of them!! can't wait to see yours finished

w✩ley said...

Love, Love, LOVE #6!

Katie said...

I like number 4. I enjoy the short shelves on the right that are sort of hidden, and the fact that you could leave the doors open and it would look like part of the house. If you made the desk bigger (as they do in the other closets), you could still have a fun lamp and mirror.

Alicia said...

I like #1. It is very organized and I think it would be easy to work in that space and stay focused. #4 would work well with the colors of your house. It was great seeing you on Sunday.