Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Flea Market Finds!

OK so here are the lovely items I found at the flea market!!

I got both candlestick holders for $20. And they match my Aqua living room perfectly!

A magazine rack, also for my living room. Bad lighting but it's painted Aqua! $40 (A little steep but the lady selling it was so cute and old. She painted it herself! Plus she didn't charge me tax saying, "I won't tell, if you don't!" SOLD! 

$15 for both of these mirrors! I may paint them, or keep them white and put them in the babe's room.
This is to die for. The little fence even opens in the middle! The top of the posts are blue, but I'm going to paint them grey. For the nursery! SOOO cute for $15.

I feel pretty happy that I got everything for $90 :) Everything is fun, unique and fairly useful! Hooray for flea markets!!

Hope you are having a nice Tuesday! 



Jill said...

love the magazine rack. I think you scored!!

Kari Beth said...

Those mirrors are great!

asian pear aka ej said...

charsky im dying at those mirrors!!!!!!!

Hollie said...

love your finds! the candlestick holders do look so perfect in your living room!

and that little fence coak rack for the nursery is so adorable!

Lyndsy said...

Those candle sticks are so pretty! Nice find!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Wow! I love those mirrors ~ Great finds!!

And so glad you loved the s'mores.. aren't they incredible?!