Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. A winner has been chosen for our dotmine giveaway, and we will be announcing her name tomorrow! Thank you to everyone for entering!! We will (hopefully) be hosting another giveaway at the beginning of October, so look out for that! :)

Joel is off to the Redskins/Cowboys game, so I'm having a nice evening to myself. Here's what my Sunday night is looking like:

I've got one of these burning
I'm surrounded by a couple of these
I'm perusing this to find things to make this week
I'm contemplating driving to Sbux to get one of these
I'm going to give myself a manicure with this
I'm scaring the crap out of myself by watching a marathon of this
I'm eating this for dinner. (The dinner of champions! Or lazy people.)
And I'm hoping to see a little bit of this!! Go Skins!

Hooray!! Have a great night!


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