Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Things Thursday!!

Time for another round of Three Things Thursday!!

1. Ummm...I hit a low point in my life today. Like really low. I fear that if I tell you what I did, you may not look at me the same again. BUT ALAS, at ATOTS we are open and we communicate and we here it is.


It's so weird someone was able to catch this shot of me going to work this morning.
AHHH!!! That's right. Before you go defriending me on Facebook, or unfollowing the blog, allow me to explain.

It was/is raining super hard here in D.C. today. Like borderline monsoon. One- If I had worn flip flops I'd be destined to fall because I'm cheap, and only wear the $2.50 ones from Old Navy. (You know, the ones that practically have Crisco on the bottom when you try to walk on wet surfaces.) Two- Since my feet are too phat (with a PH) for all most of my flats, I had no other choice. Three- My rain boots are still at my parents house and the best traction shoes I had were sneakers. Pink and white sneakers. That's hot.

And let me just say, I was trying to like own it with them on...but people just DON'T LET YOU. THEY JUDGE YOU. (Prior to this I've always been one to judge but I say, "JUDGE NO MO' lest you be judged!" because until you have walked a few city blocks in a sharp-working-woman's-ensemble-complete with-athletic-kicks, you cannot talk.)

It may not be pretty, but she will get from A to B WAYYY faster then you.
It's so funny how people can't hide their disgust either. More than three people gave me the once over, and their faces were neutral until they got to my sneaks. Once they saw my shoes their nostrils flared ever so slightly, and their neutral mouth position totally turned into a frown...and they looked back at me with a "we could have been friends, but now you've reduced yourself to just a quick hello in the hallway before I book it away from you and your 'sensible shoes'" look on their face. Tear.

Oh and I forgot to wear deodorant today too. So in other words I smell like a German barkeep, and I look like I've just stepped off the set of Working Girl. Super.

2.  I'm pretty sure Joel is super pumped that I've been using a lot of my afternoon down time to make our house more homey.

And by "super pumped" I mean "super annoyed" since a lot of this homeyness requires frequent and plentiful trips to TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Michael's. Woopsies! Those hurricane vases don't buy themselves, amIrightladies?!?

As I was justifying explaining to Mother Nixonsleeve yesterday, I just really love a good holiday display, you know? And since the Pumpkin and Harvest Febreze flows like wine around here lately, I thought I needed some decor to match the smell of our house.

Here are a few fall/Halloween things I've done at my house. (Please keep in mind a couple of things: I am probably the least crafty person you'll ever meet. I try but I fail. Frequently. And I am a first year married person who has no clue what they're doing. So everything sort of looks like a 5th grader made it.) Enjoy!

Total Effort= 1% It kind of shows though...
I made these by just taping (so I can reuse) the leaves onto the candle holders.
Woops I forgot to light the black candle. This is in my foyer. 

As you can see, I'm really pushing leaves this year. This is about as creative as I can get without having to take a nap first. I will build and learn about these types of home decor projects over the years. I think I like the Spooky one the best. Although Joel said it is, "A little crafty, that's all. But nice." To which I proceeded to cry. A lot. (What's up pregnancy hormones!)(Don't you wish you were married to me?!)

Speaking of craftiness, do you know who is one sick mama??
This lady.
Doesn't she just look like a twisted little mo? Martha definitely has some disturbing ideas for Halloween decor. Disturbing but creative. 

C'mon're better then that.

Centipedes and rotten eggs? That's EXACTLY what I want my centerpiece to be!

 See! She is so twisted! Don't let that little pageboy fool you...she knows what's up. (All images via

3. I just wanted to quickly say CONGRATULATIONS to our cousin Phil and his family!

His wife Kathleen (a loyal ATOTS reader!) just had her baby!!! (You can see her pic in my baby shower photos. Taken Sunday.) Maeve Magdalene was born late last night, coming in strong at 8 lbs 2 oz.!!!! We can't wait to meet this lovely baby girl!

I feel a particular kindred spirit to Kathleen because I have only been a month or so behind her in this pregnancy. This is her third, so she has been giving me lots of advice and feedback!

We don't have a pic of baby Maeve yet, but here are some cute pics of other kinds of babies...

Enjoy your Thursday! Tomorrow we will post about our latest giveaway!! Hurrah!



asian pear aka ej!! said...

youre the funniest person ever. this is why we are best friends. because you make me laugh and i make you funfetti and we both love crime shows. i would have tots judged you on the sneaks, but i do love you long time! go on over to algonkian (i mean, im swinging over there on saturday) and get those wellies. and i am giving you MAJOR SNAPS for the creativity!!!! i love it and love you. and i cannot believeeee kathleen had her baby!!!!!!

Christina said...

Bahaha this just made me laugh a LOT. My husband even looked over at the computer to see what I was laughing about, and said, "Oh my goodness...look at that girl with sneakers and a skirt!" Sorry...had to share! I TOTALLY feel for you though!!!

Also...your decorations look perfect! I love them!! :)

Jill said...

You are so funny!! I love reading your posts!!!

Design Blooms said...

So funny and thank you for being open and honest-Im a teacher so I see a lot of sneaker/dress combinations! THOSE pandas are the cutest!!

Lulu said...

I was thinking about that second pic of the lady in a skirt with sneakers...

at least she's wearing Pumas.