Wednesday, September 8, 2010

high/low 9.8.10

Whew! Busy day. Good thing that Charlie and I rarely ever discuss our work days and other time consuming real life things here at ATOTS. Less headlines, more lifestyle. Keeping it light. All op-ed, all the time.

OK, so remember the movie The Story of Us. SO good. Bruce Willis/Michelle Pfieffer shared their "high/low" events each evening as a way to recap their day. So here goes my Wednesday High/Low:

Buckle your seat belt...I'm going to put some politically incorrect stuff out there today, because I want to and it's my (our) blog.

HIGH: 1. My husband thinks/knows that Marilyn Monroe is at least one eighth Asian. Chew on that.

LOW: 2. I am formally requesting that pregnant women STOP taking pictures of their stomachs and posting them on facebook. I am not alone in this sentiment and the truth is that no one seems to have the heart to speak up. (I can't help what my eyes land on in facebook so it's useless to assume 'people who don't like it just don't have to look'. It's called a NewsFeed and I'm a news hound so I am hereby calling on the readers of this blog to spread this plea for decorum around town.)
(hello I would not violate my own rule by posting an example duh )

But, as long as I'm putting this out there under the Your Intense Energy is Making Me Feel A Little Bit Bombarded Category, which I will only do once*, I also want to add that I miss the days where you could watch TV without being inundated with commercials for:
  1. erectile dysfunction medication
  2. tampons
  3. personal lubricants
  4. "fresh balls/fresh breasts! order your Happy Rack Pack today!!!" (i am so sorry. this is not a joke. XM Radio listeners know what I am talking about. google it but maybe not if you're at work)
  5. toilet paper that sticks on bear's butts
  6. hair removal devices so you stop painfully knicking your legs while shaving
and all other very personal items that frankly need no advertising. I think that consumers know by now. Is there anything that requires discretion in this day and age? Just putting allllll of this on a big, long list of things I don't want to hear or see any more of:)

HIGH: 3. I'm on board with the circle scarf (now that I have one) and only wonder why after years of subscribing to LUCKY Magazine it took me this long.

HIGH: 4. The movie Inception was CRAZY but SOO SOO good. Just saw it and give it two thumbs up! Leonardo DiCaprio was a really strong lead-surprise, surprise-and the supporting cast were all recognizable actors but sort of the types that you can't place their names. Michael Caine was in it just long enough to lend credibility. It was a mystery/suspense with a sci-fi premise. Not the typical genre I like, but I was game since Nick Lachey gave it a shout out on twitter. Anyway, when Ellen Page came on screen I immediately thought miscast--but I was wrong. That can happen. She was really good--she shook off that Juno-ness and held her own. Did you know she is Canadian?
Like all of you, I can't wait to hear about the Sprite Chicken.

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That is all!

Night night,

* I reserve the right to change my mind and blog as early as tomorrow on the same or similar topic


My Two Cents ...before I spend it said...

ha haa! I completely agree with you about the pregnant belly pictures on Facebook. Your words are exactly my thoughts!

I still haven't seen Inception, but have been wanting to. After seeing your review, I might see it this weekend!

By the way, I gave y'all a blog award. You can see it on my latest entry!

Amber said...

Ha! I agree about belly pics. I don't mind "bump" pics where the tummy is covered by a shirt. But the bare belly pics kind of make me cringe.

Still waiting to see Inception - I keep hearing it's amazing!