Monday, November 17, 2008

You're being all selective because you got a ponytail...right??

To combat "The Mondays", I have posted THE most hilarious video below. I just discovered it after someone showed it in my Gender and Society class. I could not stop laughing, have emailed it to everyone I know, and forced Lulu to quote it with me on a regular basis. I hope you laugh, and at the very least I hope it makes 5 minutes of your Monday a bit more bearable!!

p.s. it's reallyyyy sillyyyy and all in good fun :)

Can I have your number??

GG tonight! So excited!!



Ash said...

Love the video!! Hilarious!!

Belle said...

"dont be insecure girl. Own dat pony tail. WORK dat updo"

all time favorite. Although, everytime I watch it I am always thinking that I should bring pepper spray to the movies with me next time.HAHA

Treasure Ann said...

Hilarious, that video had me laughing. that makes my Monday brighter.

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh. Too funny (and so ridiculous). You have to give the guy points for trying.

AmberDenae said...

OMG...I watched that ALL this weekend!! I can't believe you posted that!!! How funny. I, too think it is hysterical!

Treasure Ann said...

I just had to come and watch that video again. It is so funny. I let my son watched it and he just laughed the entire time.
Take care girls.

plan aCOURTingly said...

i LOVE this video! if you love this one, you should check out Bon Qui Qui on YouTube!