Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A salute to all my fellow veterans

Happy Veteran's Day indeed! I feel as though Veteran's Day is getting more publicity this year...and that is an amazing thing. Perhaps it's the aftermath of the election and the love and pride so many Americans are feeling or it's a result of the hyper-media state we live in but either way I am proud! Here's a little trivia for you all that you'd probably never guess...alongside my husband, father, brother, father-in-law, sister&brother-in-law...........I'm a veteran too!! For 4 years I was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center here in Washington, DC.
Will always have a special place in my heart for Army Nurses!!

That's me...second from the left. It's the only pic I have online of me with some of my ROTC classmates from Villanova. When I was in college...in the late 90s....we didn't have digital cameras, cell phones, text messges, facebook, blogs, etc etc etc. We simply attached two empty cans together with string...and talked to eachother that way. Things were so much more simple then.

But anyway, it's a bond that I have with these sweet people that will never go away--no matter what or how ever long it is in between seeing each other. Here's a quote that I received this AM from the girl standing next to me in the picture. It got me real good!!!

Definition of a Veteran:
"A Veteran-whether active duty, honorably discharged, retired, national guard or reserve is someone who, at one point in life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to an including my life."

So--make surrrrrrrre you thank a veteran today!! Not me, but someone who you know. Because it actually makes a difference!



Kappa Prep said...

I had NO idea you were at Walter Reed! I would love to visit and thank evach and every person there for all they have done to protect my freedom!

N.M.B. said...

Oh don't you worry! My vet is HOT and he'll get his thank you! ;) bow chica wow wow!!

Legallyblondemel said...

I thank you for your service too, along with all of your other fine veterans and service members. I actually have a Navy nurse in my family & have heard what incredible dedication and service the job requires . . .

Milltini said...

Happy belated Veterans day...thank you so much for your service! We have you and all the other men and women in uniform to thank for the countless freedoms we enjoy as Americans!

New Girl on Post said...

I had no idea you were in ROTC!

That's awesome by the way and happy belated Veteran's Day to you!