Sunday, November 9, 2008

I heart Ingrid

Eeek! Sorry I have been kind of MIA this week. I've had so much to do for classes, and I stayed down at school for few nights making it hard to blog. ["I thought you were someone who wanted to blog about their ideals...." if you know what that is from, we are meant to be best friends for life] I also made a ride down to Christopher Newport University, in Newport News VA, yesterday with one my girlfriends. We had a really fun time visiting friends and hanging out! It was their homecoming so everyone was in fine form [read: my friend spray painted a sign and put it on his lawn reading 'you honk, we drink.' and he lives on a major road... You can imagine.] ANYWAY, the point of this silly story is I'm sorry I haven't been around, but things are calm now! Yay! 

One of my favorite things in the world is music. I love everything about what I call, "The Music Process" (Don't be jealous of my super creative title. It's a gift really.) I love finding artists, interpreting lyrics, and internalizing the fabulousness of songs. Who doesn't? 

A few summers ago, my friend I went to see Ingrid Michaelson. At the time she was playing in a coffee shop type venue. I found her completely randomly on myspace, when she was trying to find a record deal. Her concert honestly changed my world. She has the most beautiful, soulful voice that sounds just as amazing in concert as it does on her CD. Her style is folky pop, and her lyrics are heartfelt, quirky and FUNNY! I was able to go up to her after the concert, and tell her how awesome she was. She was so gracious, during the concert she even said, "I can't believe you all came to see ME!!" If you don't know about Ingrid, you are surely missing out. Her song, "the way I am" made that Old Navy commercial about sweaters seem cool. When I saw the commercial last Christmas, I FREAKED out because I didn't know anyone knew about her. She is fairly well known now because of that commercial, which makes me so happy for her :) Just in case you aren't familiar, her new record, BE OK, just came out!! GO to iTunes and listen to it! She is coming here to D.C. at the end of November. I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!!!! 

Here is a really cool video someone put together to her song "breakable", off her album Girls And Boys Watch and listen to her BEAUTIFUL voice!



Belle said...

"Need a moment?". Haha best commercial ever! That is if were talking about the same thing! :-)

Treasure Ann said...

Wow Charlie, that is beautiful. I love songs and tunes like that. Seems we got some things in common. I believe you've put me onto something. Don't be surprise if you hear some of her tunes on my blog. Hehehe.

I also understand about being in school and the busyness of life. I'm doing a correspondance course and that's still a lot of work. Keep up the good work and have a great Monday.
Take care.

Kate said...

oooo i love me that Twix commercial!!!!!

Nicole said...

Glad you're back! I hope things slow down for you. Love the song you posted. So pretty!