Monday, November 3, 2008

Awards season (part deux)!!

Just a quick post of appreciation!! Lulu and I have been given a couple of great awards in the past few days!

Clarabelle over at Pink Cupcake AND ;) Miss Mojito at Make Mine a Mojito gave us this little guy. How cute is he? Thanks girls!! We love how original and creative your blogs are. They always make us happy :)

The only rule is we have to pass it on to five other bloggers:
3. Melissa at New Girl on Post
5. Amy at Chapters

Hope you enjoy this cute award!

Ann at Bountiful Business gave us the smile award! Yes! This award makes me particularly happy, since the last few days have been kinda blah for me. Thank you, thank you :) :)

The qualifications to receive are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude
B. Love one another
C. Make mistakes
D. Learn from others
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world
F. Love life
G. Love kids

The [intense] rules:
1. must link it back to the creator
2. post the rules
3. choose 5 people to give it to
4. recipients must fill the characteristics above
5. create a post to share this
6. you must thank the winner

phew! that was a mouth full!

1. Mel at I Pick Pretty
5. Hollie at All Things in Moddy
Are the ladies we choose for this award! All of your blogs are a complete joy to read :)


Question: How amazing was GG tonight? 
Answer: Extraordinarily amazing. Amen.


Mojito Maven said...

pssssssssssst....I also gave you the Scribbler Award :)

Treasure Ann said...

Thank you girls for the scribbs award. I appreciate it, thanks for being by blogger pals and friends. Stay sweet and take care.

Treasure Ann said...

I meant to say 'my' blogger pals and friends-sorry for the bad grammar.

Life at the White House said...

Y'all are sweet! That was a nice pick me up. I haven't been my chipper self in the last few days due to a silly little cold. I'm glad that I still come off as nice and happy on my blog. The hubby might disagree right now?

Thanks again!!! And what a great verse....on the award picture.

Danielle said...

GG was fantastic! Congrats on the awards!

Casey said...

AWWWW! Thanks guys!

I would love to have watched GG, maybe I can NEXT YEAR when our stupid AFN finally shows it. :)

LyndsAU said...

congrats on your awards :)

Legallyblondemel said...

Thanks! And congratulations on your much-deserved awards.

PS - Yes, "GG" was excellent last night. Although I was hiding under my sofa during the guerrilla fashion show and at J's insane mullet/eyeliner problem.