Thursday, December 8, 2011

Honey, I'm home!!

OMG YOU GUYS!!! MY LIFE IS A BLACK HOLE THAT DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO POST ANYMORE! WAHHHHH! (ps if you google BLACK HOLE it's the scariest thing ever. For some reason the existence of a real black hole makes my stomach hurt. I was going to post a pic but not anymore. thanks.)
How I have been feeling because I haven't blogged.

How I want to feel. Animated penguins have not a care in the world.
Anyway, even though I haven't been posting, I still visit our blog everyday. I do my usually stalking of the blogs on our blog roll. And every time I open the page part of me dies because I see a picture of my disgusting horrible FORMER dining room staring back at me. Why I ever decided to potentially burn your eye balls out with those pics is beyond me. I DIGRESS. These days the dining room is way more legit and I thought to myself, "why have I not done, at the very least, an update on the dining room?" Maybe this will spark a RESOLUTION in me blog more!

As of today this is what the dining room looks like:

A bar for sophistication!

A better light fixture, chairs, table,

I can't even describe the deep love I have for the zeb rug.
Is it ironic to say "bad lighting" in the lighting picture?
So I get the feeling that I really like shapes. Circles, squares, ovals, semi-circles, rectangles. It's an equal opportunity room for shapes. I dig it. Although I still want to do more in there (perhaps paint? bring in some warmth with some awesome captains chairs?) It's a MARKED improvement over the pee scented situation we were working with before. And pretty much everything was done on the budg. (I know Joel doesn't think that but it's true!) The light fixture is from Overstock. The chairs are ALL from Craig's List. Half price West Elmersssss. The table is from CB2. The sideboard is Home Decorators Collection by way of Amazon. The rug I won from Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things. All accessories are from Homegoods, duh.

Phew I'm glad we won't need to look at those horrid "before" pics.

In other news, I did something very UNlike me the other day. I got a design painted on my nails. I KNOW I KNOW, you think I've gone off the deep end since we last spoke. While your not WRONG, per say, I need to quickly defend myself.

Has anyone taken a GANDER at the incredible photos of nails people pin on Pintrest?

                                                                                      Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest

                                                                                             Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest

                                                                            Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest

SEE!? I mean honestly. WHO are these talented people? AND WHY do they not work at my local nail salon?
True story.
So now you have a better idea why I might have done what I did. I was inspired by these...

                                                                                       Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Listen, all I can tell you is Christmas was in the air. The eggnog was flowing, the Bath & Body Works scented candles were burning, and the Elf soundtrack was on full blast when I decided to go over to ole' King and Queen nail salon and lay these bad boys on them. Even though I couldn't understand the nail lady to save my life (where was Asia when you need her?), I KNEW she was not OK with this venture. Her raised eyebrows suggested both tackiness for me, and annoyance for her at the work involved. We settled on doing just TWO nails this way. ("So now you're just 1/5 hick instead of 100 percent hick", says my husband. My thought process exactly).

First of all...NEVER take hand pics. They look normal for everyone else but you. But wait...MINE DON'T LOOK NORMAL AT ALL! What is wrong with my index finger? Why is it trying to get into my middle finger's grill so much? This picture is a PSA for not cracking your knuckles. OH MY WORD. My knucks are huge. So this is my less professional version of the above picture. It's so weird I was slightly excited about them the entire time in the nail place and literally THE SECOND I walked out, a feeling of extreme Loser washed over me.

My mom says I can pull them off. (My mommy said so!) So far the only person to genuinely compliment them was in first there's that. That should be your litmus test for life. If the only person to give you props is 6 years old, you need to reevaluate. At least strangers can know a little something about me even if we never speak. They know I MOST CERTAINLY am in the Christmas spirit? I am probably pretty jolly? I make bad nail decisions?

Anyway this has been a therapeutic post, I'd say. I hope to continue posting!! I have missed it a ton! And when we really get our butts in gear we will switch to the new STATE OF THE ART blog.

To continue in the holiday spirit, I will close with this...

"Mommy look at this beautiful shin-ohhh magazines!"

Much love,

Charlie :)